Loaded Smashed Potatoes

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This recipe(s) is from Michelle Braxton’s new cookbook Supper With Love, published by Harvest 2024.



My dear friend Michelle, whom I have known through Instagram for about 10 years, has come out with a wonderful plant-forward and pescatarian cookbook – Supper With Love. We go back a long time – she was one of my first friends on Instagram, who supported me when I started making jams for the Jam Lab.


Michelle is a wonderful person, who is straightforward, honest and a beautiful soul. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she was in the Bay Area last September, shooting for her cookbook. She has a beautiful website, filled with amazing plant based recipes called Supper with Michelle. You will get loads of weekday and weeknight meal inspiration and loads of cozy, heartwarming recipes on her website.

Loaded smashed potatoes

Supper With Love

Michelle’s cookbook is an ode to her mother, and I truly understand her sentiments. She writes very fondly about her memories with her mother, and how her mother encouraged her to write this cookbook. I love that her cookbook has so many plant based recipes, which is not true of so many published cookbooks nowadays, especially with me being a vegetarian.

The cookbook is divided into several chapters such as Salads, Soups, Handy things (consisting of wraps, sammies, pizza), Brinner recipes (now I love this concept – Breakfast that can be had for dinner!), Bowls, Sides and her personal favorites – Supper with Love. She also provides a scancode for Spotify playlists to enjoy as you cook along to her recipes.


I have bookmarked a lot of recipes that I want to make such as the Vegetable Chowder, the Panzanella-ish Pizza, Spicy Tofu Bowls, Roasted Baby Broccoli with Romesco Sauce to name a few. 


I had most of the ingredients for the Loaded Smashed Potatoes and I know my family would love it – so that is what I decided to make first! They are a lovely take on the popular smashed potatoes but with a Greek twist of Tzatziki, tomatoes, olives, pepperoncini, feta. 

Loaded smashed potatoes

Ingredients of the Smashed Potatoes:

The ingredients of the smashed potatoes are pretty simple:

  • Petite gold potatoes – be sure to use small potatoes, so that they cook faster and are easy to smash as well.
  • Extra virgin olive oil – The oil makes the potatoes flavorful and crispy.
  • Oregano – adds a lovely fresh herb element to the potatoes
  • Salt
  • Lemon – gives a bright zing to the potatoes

Loaded smashed potatoes

The potatoes are easy to make. You boil them to soften. Then you smash them on a baking tray, add the other ingredients – minus the lemon on the top and bake it off at 425 degrees for about 25 minutes. Be sure to flip them half way through. They come out beautifully crispy and perfect!


The pickled red onions are so easy to make and are great for tacos as well or simply a salad bowl! Love it! I have made it twice already. The tzatziki is one of my favorite dips or sauces, and it came together very easily too.


Assembly was a breeze, and I simply put all the ingredients on top of the smashed potatoes. I do not like pepperoncinis so I added sweet peppers instead that I bought from Whole Foods. I am not a fan of dill as well, so I added some roughly torn mint on top.


As soon as I told my family that the dish was ready, ofcourse once I took videos and pictures of the complete dish, they came down and it was snuffed within minutes! They devoured the dish completely – no potato left behind! Haha!

Loaded smashed potatoes

If you are looking to eat more plant based foods in 2024, TRUST me, you HAVE to get my friend Michelle’s new cookbook baby – Supper with Love, that is available on Amazon, as well as all bookstores. Her recipes are easy, delicious, vibrant, and perfect for everyday meals. Gift it to friends who are looking to eat more plant based – there is a ton of inspiration, and substitutions available – and a ton of flexibility with the recipes.


Be sure to tag @supperwithmichelle if you are making this recipe!




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