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Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival of India, celebrated over a period of 7 days per the Hindu Calendar. 



Diwali comes from the word Deepavali (which is essentially a diya or a candle in the form of a small clay pot with a wick and oil). It is the day when Lord Rama returned from Lanka after defeating Ravana, and rescuing his wife Sita. The whole city of Ayodhya was lit with diyas, and hence it is called the Festival of Lights. The festival marks the victory of good over evil.



The website here best explains all the days of Diwali and the significance of each day. Excerpt from the website:


  • Diwali in Gujarat begins with (November 09, 2023) Agyaras, This falls on the 11th day of Aso Vad month of the Gujarati calendar or the month of Ashwin.
  • (November 10, 2023)Vaaghbaras also known as Vaak Baras. On this day people clear their account ledgers (khata) today and not enter into new transactions using new ledgers only after Labh Panchm.
  • (November 10, 2023)Dhanteras. “Dhan” means wealth and “teras” refers to the 13th day of a lunar fortnight on the Hindu calendar. This day is dedicated to celebrating prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed into the home and gold is purchased. Laxmi Pujan is performed in Gujarati homes.
  • (November 11, 2023)Kali Chaudas. Goddess Kali and Lord Krishna are believed to have destroyed the demon Narakasura on this day. Kali is worshiped in West Bengal, while demon effigies are burned in Goa.
  • (November 12, 2023)Diwali (Amavasya). This darkest day of the month is the most significant day of the Diwali festival in north and west India. Lakshmi is worshiped on this day, with a special puja performed in the evening.
  • (November 14, 2023)New Year. In north India, Govardhan Puja is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna defeated Indra, the god of thunder and rain. In Gujarat, It is celebrated as the start of a new year.
  • (November 15, 2023)Bhai Bij. It’s dedicated to celebrating sisters, in a similar way that Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to brothers. Brothers and sisters get together and share food, to honor the bond between them.

Diwali is the time to give gifts as an offering or a token of good beginnings. Growing up in India it was always with mithai and cash. Over the years, people have given many different kinds of things. 

Showcasing some beautifully curated list of items that can be given as Diwali gifts during the season of giving! I have linked where you can purchase them from as well.



Madhu Diwali Gift Set

Madhu Chocolate

The Diwali Gift Set

This beautiful set comes with Orange and Clove Bonbons, Masala Chai Set and strainer as well as 3 chocolate bars of different flavors. The gift box is wrapped, and shipping is FREE.


Aura Gift Box Element Truffles


Aura Gift Box

Hand crafted box with 5 chocolate bars that are sugar free, made with natural ingredients and with amazing flavors. I have personally had these chocolates and truly love them. Ginger with Black Pepper is REALLY good. Shipping is FREE.





Varah Diwali Gift box

Varah Gourmet Luxuries

Utsav – a Festival of Flavors – Diwali Gift Box

A box of South Asian Treats made with 100% natural ingredients, zero preservatives, free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar. I have had treats from this small business and they are wonderful! Shipping is FREE.

Box of 25 for $60

Malai Diwali Celebration Collection

Malai Ice Cream

Diwali Celebration Collection

This year’s Diwali Celebration Collection captures the bright essence of the festival of lights with four special edition pints, all inspired by classic South Asian desserts. The flavors are phenomenal with Kaju Katli, Penda, Ghugra, and Ras Malai Ice Cream. I have had their ice creams and they are every bit delicious!





Diwali Mithai Box

This is a mithai box with different kinds of fusion mithai as well as ladoos. Perfect gift to give during the festive season.



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Biskut Bar


Signature Biskut Tin

Original presentation of Indian afternoon tea biskuts to truly experience the heritage, craft and flavor of the Biskut land. Four biskut bar biskut rolls perfect for gifting or keeping on hand for impromptu guests. I have personally tasted these and they are kick ass amazing!



Layla Delicacies


Diwali Gift Box

This elegant 2-layer Diwali gift box will make the festival 2 times better. It’s full of decadent sweets full of nutty flavors and a little bit of sweetness in a box that opens very beautifully. Everyone will be amazed by these authentic and delicious handcrafted pieces.  Vegan and Gluten Free.





Kola Goodies


Special Edition Latte Kit

A very special, limited edition kit featuring your favorite tea lattes in a beautiful keepsake tin. Personally their teas are my go to mid day tea time!




The Chai Box

Best Sellers Gift Set

Give the gift of Chai with these 3 best sellers. They are packaged beautifully and elegantly, and make the perfect gift for the chai lover. Love their teas!! Full of fragrance!



fallbevtrio 1200x

Diaspora Co.


This is a ready-made kit of spices so that you do have to do the work of mixing them! Recipes are on the Diaspora website! Love their gorgeous new branding/packaging and ofcourse ALL their spices.



6pkChaiPaniMasala window web 1 1280x



6 pack Chai Pani Masala Collection

The most wonderful collection of 6 spice blends that will carry you through many good recipes! I am a fan of Chef Meherwan, and their spices. Plus he even wrote a blurb in my cookbook – Mumbai Modern



Gift Box Hot and Spicy

Brooklyn Delhi


Hot and Spicy Trio Gift Set

If you love flavor and heat, these acchars are for you. I have personally tried them and they are a favorite in our home, especially with my 12 year son!



sprinklerset 1512x

Podi Life


Flavor with Ease – Sprinkler Set

A highly-functional, colorful, textural and flavorful sprinkler set of 4 PODIs – versatile seasonings! Each jar comes with pairing suggestions and functional benefits on the jar itself. I am a huge fan of Podi Life and their spices! We love them on our dosas.




Mini Devi Bundle

With more power to girls, this mini Devi bundle is super cute for kids. I have gifted toys from their website to my now 3 year old niece as well!



KK Diwali puja kit for kids

Kulture Khazana


Diwali Puja Kit for kids

Diwali Puja Thali Kit has everything you need to celebrate and honor the festival. 

I wish I had these sets when my kids were younger!




Cleopatra RBG Collar Necklace Mood

Studio Anai


Cleopatra Medium Collar Necklace

This popular necklace, reminiscent of the dissent collar, is popular amongst all RBG fans. Personally bought Studio Anai pieces and my daughter and I love them.



Mango Slice Stud 10



Mango Slices, 2 Styles

Versatile and symbolic, this design celebrates the treasure trove of memories that is a Mango. Featuring intricate and captivating granulation details, you could wear the studs as earrings, a hairpin, a pendant, or a brooch even! And the clips make a striking pair that can be incorporated into braids or buns for a versatile look. These are gorgeous for Diwali parties! or with a Western look. 



Star Kada



Star Kada

This design of kada eloquently portrays the complexities of a woman’s path, showcasing how each phase contributes to her growth and ultimate triumph in both spheres of life.



PXL 20230110 160812380 01 2336x2816

Tesu box


Meera Choker

This set is absolutely beautiful and immediately caught my eye! Perfect to adorn your beautiful Diwali outfits.




MasalaDabba 10 1296x

Marble Lotus


Masala Dabba

A Masala Dabba is a luxurious South Asian kitchen essential traditionally consisting of 7 storage compartments for spices. This one is handcrafted in Uttar Pradesh from quality metal materials and coated with brass overlay.



desi pitara

Desi Pitara


Diya Diwali Board

This board will be the perfect mini charcuterie board! It’s so beautiful! And customizable.



diaspora diwali golden fry set 2 1

Our Place


Diwali Fry Set

This Diwali fry set is perfect to gift for Diwali with a beautiful perforated Skimmer Spoon, the cooling rack and the diyas. I love Our Place products and use them all the time.



Creative Crafty Mom



Kid friendly DIY String Rangoli

This is a fun kid string project to make a gorgeous rangoli design! 




Arjun Design Studio


Taj Round Platter

This brass platter is so stunning and can be used for myriad purposes.



Pickany2jars 1024x1024@2x

Scrumptious Wicks


Pick any 2 jars

These are Soy Coconut Candles with clean packaging. Their scents sound so amazing and perfect to light up during the Diwali season.






Traditional Hanging Lotus Urli

This hanging lotus Urli would be so beautiful as a gift, especially in a pair to adorn the front door.



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Diwali Card Pack

The cutest Diwali cards to give your family and friends! 




MumbaiModern cover final Rev052421

Indian cooks are masters of flavor. Enjoyed and revered worldwide, the best Indian food offers comfort, wonder, and beauty. In Mumbai Modern, Amisha Dodhia Gurbani delivers a marriage of traditional Gujarati cuisine, Mumbai street food, and modern innovation inspired by the bountiful fresh ingredients on offer in her adopted home of California.


Mumbai Modern offers more than 100 vegetarian recipes, complete with Gurbani’s stunning photographs, including breakfasts (Pear and Chai Masala Cinnamon Rolls); appetizers and salads (Dahi Papdi Chaat); mains (Ultimate Mumbai-California Veggie Burger); bread (Wild Mushroom and Green Garlic Kulcha), rice, and snacks (Cornflakes Chevdo); sauces, dips, and jams (Blood Orange and Rosemary Marmalade); desserts (Masala Chai Tiramisu with Rose Mascarpone, Whipped Cream, and Pistachio Sprinkle); and drinks (Nectarine, Star Anise, and Ginger Shrub).


Alongside family stories, history, culture and more, this vibrant cookbook is a triumph of Indian-American culinary brilliance.



Jam Lab Diwali EBook 2023 Cover


Are you stressed out about putting together a Diwali menu? Do you want to create a vegetarian menu but do not know where to start? I got you covered! Presenting “The Jam Lab’s guide to a Fall-inspired Diwali entertaining”. Sharing 17 recipes that includes Appetizers, Mains, Desserts and Drinks – with a unique, seasonal and elevated menu, that will leave your guests happy, and talking about the party for a long time to come.

With beautifully shot pictures, stunning design, including a Timeline for when to start preparation and what can be prepared when, to ensure a stress-free Diwali party, so you can be part of it too, this ebook is for YOU!

There are no eggs in any of the recipes. Some recipes contain dairy, which can be made vegan.

Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak!

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