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Makai no chevdo is a popular Gujarati dish that is really simple to put together. Corn or butta is in season during the monsoons, readily available right outside our home, on Juhu Beach. Makai no chevdo was a regular at home. Mom made it often for all of us as an evening snack.


It is one of those dishes that is easy to put together and requires minimal ingredients as well. It captures the essence of Gujarati cooking – sweet, tangy, spicy and an absolutely delicious snack, or meal if you want to make it one.


Think of makai no chevdo like corn grits, which is popular in the Southern part of the United States, but full of flavor. It’s got texture, flavor and a pretty color too!

makai no chevdo

The Makai no Chevdo contains few ingredients:

  • Corn: Get the freshest in season corn available right now at the market. Sure you can use canned corn and blitz it in the food processor to get the same grated consistency, but there is truly nothing like fresh corn. The corn should be grated again for the texture. I prefer grating it to putting it in the food processor – I dont want to eat mush!
  • Whole milk: I would suggest using whole milk so that the end product is creamy.
  • Vegetable oil: is required for tempering the spices.
  • Mustard seeds, asafoetida, ginger, green chili : All these ingredients are used for tempering and all together it gives the final dish so much flavor.
  • Ground turmeric: Is added to impart flavor and color.
  • Salt and sugar : are required to again balance out the flavors.
  • Lemon juice: gives the added tang to the otherwise sweet and spicy dish.
  • Cilantro: is a must for any Indian dish!


There are folks who add sesame seeds, and peanuts as well to Makai no Chevdo. But I did not add those ingredients. 

makai no chevdo

I added my own California twist to the chevdo – that is the Peach and Cherry Tomato Kachumber. Peaches and Cherry Tomatoes are in abundance right now, and also super sweet, like candy! Peaches, tomato and corn is an excellent combination. I mixed tiny pieces of yellow peach, and quartered cherry tomatoes, along with red chili powder, salt, and a tad bit sugar (again to balance the flavors), along with a bit of lemon juice to make kachumber.


The kachumber is added as a garnish on top of the chevdo and takes it to the next level – gives it finesse and pizzazz! And also makes it look very pretty, with all the vibrant colors and textures. Kachumber is a quintessential Indian salad that is seen at most homes. IT was our staple growing up and one that I love so much. Sometimes I make a bowl just to have it as is.


Growing up, corn was a favorite at home. We loved corn na bhajia (corn fritters) or corn pakoras. Corn was even put in Handvo – gives it that slight sweet flavor.


I love how corn can go sweet or savory. I was recently experimenting with corn ganache to make macarons. The corn ganache turned out wonderful with a subtle corn flavor. My next macaron flavor will be with corn ganache and a peach and saffron compote in the middle. Sublime!

IMG 9452 scaled

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One of my favorite corn recipes that I am dying to try is Sonia’s Corn Mochi Cake! That recipe went viral and it is one that I am dying to try! I actually got the ingredients too, but one knows how life goes!

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Hope you all are having a great summer!




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