EASY Summer Peach, Tomato, Herb Farro Salad

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Summer Peach, Tomato, Herb Farro Salad

Summer is here and light, easy salads are a wonderful and welcome change. Using summer produce – be it vegetables or fruits in my salads is a great way to use all the colorful bounty, with healthy and nourishing salads.


I recently conducted a Macaron making class with Civic Kitchen SF – a cooking school based in SF.  As part of the class, we served lunch to the students. Lunch was a Strawberry, Cherry Tomato and Herb Farro Salad with a Lemon-Sumac Vinaigrette. The salad was well received and everyone loved it.


FARRO SALAD Ingredients

I have changed it up a bit by adding peaches instead of strawberries in this salad. The salad essentially contains the following favorites:

  • Roasted Broccolini: The broccolini is cut into pieces and roasted for a quick 10 minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper. The charred broccolini tastes really good in this salad.
  • Peaches: I used yellow peaches here. I prefer yellow to white peaches as they are slightly tart which I love. The peaches are cut into small pieces to get a nice bite with all the other ingredients.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: I cut them into halves for a nice bite. They are in peak season now!
  • Pistachios: Roast the pistachios slightly to give it a nice crunch. I love pistachios in this salad.
  • Green onions: Add a lovely zing to the salad. I love alliums in salads.
  • Goat cheese : with all the various sweet, savory, sour taste, goat cheese is a great one to add to this salad. Make sure that the goat cheese is cold when you add it.
  • Farro: Farro adds a wonderful nutty flavor to the salad. Be sure to cook it well according to the packaged instructions.
  • Herbs: like mint and Basil add a wonderful freshness to the salad



I did not have corn the day I was shooting, hence the pictures do not have corn, but some roasted corn would be great in this salad. I would use one ear of corn, roast it and use it in this salad.


LEMON-SUMAC Vinaigrette

The Lemon-Sumac vinaigrette is really very simple. It has a few ingredients like:

  • Lemon juice
  • Sumac: Sumac is a middle eastern ingredient, that is tangy and lemony in flavor. It is essentially dried berries that have been crushed to a powder. It is maroon in color.
  • Dijon mustard
  • Extra virgin olive oil : Always use a good quality extra virgin olive oil for salads
  • Honey
  • Salt and pepper


The ingredients are simply put into a mason jar and the jar is shaken until the vinaigrette is homogeneous in texture. It literally takes 5 minutes to make salad dressings and it is hard for me to purchase one from a grocery store when I know I can make good ones at home. The dressing can be made a couple of days in advance and stored in the fridge until ready to use.

I use these mason jars for making salad dressings, and also for jams! They are available on Amazon.com. 

I love how this salad comes together within 30 minutes. It can be stored in the fridge in an air tight container, to serve at picnics or outdoor gatherings. It can also be taken to parties.


It is best to put the goat cheese in cold when you are serving the salad so that it remains fresh. A small portion goes a long way as farro is an ancient grain and quite filling and good for you.


Hope you all get a chance to make this salad. It is super easy and a great one. Wait for the rave reviews to come in!


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Hope you all are having a great summer.




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