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Puran Poli is an emotion. A feeling of contentment. A feeling of being at home. I have the fondest memories of puran poli. It is my father’s absolute favorite dish – his mother, my grandmother used to make it often. They made it with yellow moong daal (without the skin). It is lighter on the tummy, and easy to digest.


My father enjoys it with Gujarati Kadhi, and moong daal nu shaak (dry yellow moong daal, cooked in spices) OR bateta nu shaak (potato curry). That is how I enjoy it too. Mom would make this meal on a Sunday, when she had more time to put together a few dishes at a time. We would eagerly wait for lunch time – and have a longish nap in the afternoon!

puran poli


Puran is the filling, usually made with some kind of daal. Gujaratis make it with moong daal or toor daal, that is cooked, mashed and mixed with jaggery, and some spices. Maharashtrians make it with channa daal. Poli is flatbread, hence it literally means a stuffed flatbread! It originated in Maharashtra, Gujarat and some parts of South India as well. They are all similar with some minor differences, and also how they are eaten as a meal.


Since the puran poli is a sweet bread, cooked in ghee on a skillet, it goes well with the savory and spicy Gujarati kadhi, and bateta nu shaak or potato curry which is spicy and flavorful. I simply love making this combination and it is inhaled in my home without no time! It is healthy for you as well, with the lentils, jaggery, spices and ghee in it! It is usually eaten in the winter months, and gives energy to the body.

puran poli


The puran ingredients are really simple:

  • Yellow Moong Daal or Toor Daal: These daals are lighter on the gut, and easier to digest as well. They break down easily too when pressure cooked.
  • Jaggery: This is the rawest form of sugar and very good for you. It gives instant energy and makes the puran sweet.
  • Cardamom: Always use freshly ground cardamom, the aroma is insane!
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg is not a common ingredient to add to puran, but my mother used to add it, and it truly makes the puran very fragrant and unique.
  • Saffron: Saffron adds a tinge of yellow to the puran, along with its beautiful fragrance.
  • Ghee: Ghee is required to soften the puran, and make it smooth in consistency.

puran poli

The puran does not take time to make. After boiling, and softening the daal, the consistency of which should be thick. The idea is to evaporate all the liquid from the daal, add fragrance from the spices, along with jaggery and ghee. Cook the daal, along with the jaggery, spices and ghee, and thicken the mixture. Once it cools, it thickens more and almost solidifies, so that you can make balls out of it as a stuffing.


The outer dough is simply made with 3 ingredients: Whole wheat flour, water and oil. Dough comes together literally in 5 minutes. You have to let the dough rest so that the gluten develops, and it becomes easier to roll the puran poli. Additional flour on the side is required for rolling out the puran polis.

puran poli

To make the puran poli, divide the puran and the dough into equal pieces. In my recipe, I was able to make 11. Roll out the dough on the marble board to about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter. Place the puran in the middle, enclose the dough around the puran to make a potli or a parcel. Flatten it onto the board. With additional flour, rollout the puran poli carefully, so as not to break it, but yet get an even flattened shape. It is around 7 to 8 inches in diameter.


Next we cook it on the stove, with some ghee or oil, again with even browning on both sides. You want the dough to cook evenly. This results in a beautiful puran poli. It is best served immediately.


My favorite way to serve the puran poli, as I have mentioned above, is with Gujarati Kadhi. You can find the recipe here and also Bateta nu Shaak or Potato Curry. You can find the recipe of the shaak in my cookbook – Mumbai Modern


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