Fennel Shortbread with Pistachio buttercream

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Cookie season is upon us! And I could not be more happy to share more cookies with the world! I have a ton of cookie recipes on my blog already that are fun and that I have developed meticulously over the years.


I have been a contributor to Bake from Scratch magazine a couple of times, and have been featured in their Holiday Cookie Issue in the past. It is always a joy because I am a huge fan of the magazine and all the baking love that it stands for. I was fortunate to meet Brian – who is the creator of the Bake from Scratch, in person a few years ago at an event, and he is a total joy to be with! So full of life, zeal and enthusiasm! I subscribe to the magazine too and have all the copies saved and tucked neatly in my closet.


I am so excited, as I have contributed 3 recipes this year to the Holiday Cookie Issue of the Bake from Scratch (You can get your copy too!) and they have graciously allowed me to share one recipe with YOU all here, on my blog. The recipe that I am going to share is truly a favorite and I hope you get to make it and try it. And share with your loved ones – because it is such a delicious cookie that you cannot get enough of just one! 

fennel shortbread

It is a Toasted Fennel Shortbread with a Pistachio Buttercream in the middle. The cookie is made with the following ingredients:

  • All purpose flour
    • Cornstarch: It makes the cookie soft and so good to bite into.
    • Salt: Always table salt to balance out the sweetness in the cookie.
    • Toasted Fennel seeds: Fennel is used widely in Indian cooking and sweets, and toasted fennel takes a cookie to next level. I coarsely grind it in a mortar pestle for the best results.
    • Unsalted butter: At room temperature always
  • Granulated sugar
  • Vanilla extract: I add extra for extra flavor!


The cookie is eggless and super delicious by itself.

fennel shortbread

The filling is a pistachio buttercream that has a few ingredients:

  • Unsalted butter
  • Confectioner’s sugar: always powdered so that the buttercream is silky and smooth
  • Salt: I always use table salt, again to balance out the sweetness
  • Pistachio Cream: I use this brand that I get from Amazon. But I have heard that Costco carries a larger size. It is not available at our local Costco.
  • Whole Milk : to bind it all together well
  • Vanilla extract: Always to give it additional flavor.


The cookie is so simple to put together, and super elegant. I decorate it with coarsely chopped pistachios, along with white sanding sugar, which makes the cookie sparkle a little bit and make it feel festive!


Do the cookies store well for shipping to loved ones?

The cookies store well, and pack well if you want to ship them out to anyone. Be sure to ship it out the very next day after making them for maximum freshness.


The shortbread dough can be made about a week in advance (especially since it does not have any egg). It needs to be thawed outside on the kitchen counter, to be able to roll out the dough. 


What tip to use for piping the buttercream in the middle?

I use the 1M tip to pipe buttercream in the middle. The 1M tip makes a beautiful rosette such that when you top it with the cookie with the hole in it, the buttercream peaks out a little bit. Making it look so pretty! 


You can find 2 more of my cookie recipes in the magazine. Be sure to pick it up at your local Target/Costco/Grocery stories etc, or purchase it here. The magazine has some wonderful bakers that have shared their cookie recipes. The focus is to share cookie inspiration from all around the world. You will have lots to keep you busy this holiday season – for gifting and for sharing!


You can find many cookies from the previous years:


Find lots of cookie inspiration on my blog! Hope you get to make tons of cookies for your loved ones, and package them, and spread the love and joy of this holiday season!





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