Chai Masala Apple Streusel Cake

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Crunchy, juicy, sweet, tart, red, green, rosy – so many adjectives to describe the humble apple. Fall is the season for apples – all kinds! I am seeing apple tarts, apple pies, pop tarts, crumbles, you name it! Ofcourse I was feeling FOMO, so I came up with an apple cake recipe!


I recently did a huge feature for S.F Chronicle, for their Food & Wine Section –showing a Vegetarian Thanksgiving. It was an honor to put together a whole vegetarian spread for Thanksgiving. Did I think that 23 years ago when I first stepped foot into this country, that I would have the opportunity to put together a whole Thanksgiving spread for a leading media in the United States of America? It was truly a fun experience to put it all together and a shit ton of hardwork! You can read the story and get the recipes for this awesome spread here!

chai masala apple streusel cake

The point of this story was that I made a Chai Masala, Bourbon, Halvah Apple Crumble as THE dessert for Thanksgiving. The combination of chai masala, apples, halvah and bourbon is just fantastic together! So I decided to make a cake out of the same ingredients!


EASE of this cake:

This cake is a ONE BOWL recipe – OK well 3 bowls 😉 – One for the wet ingredients, one for mixing the dry ingredients and one for the streusel. That makes it 3 bowls. BUT, you do NOT require a stand mixer, and you can whip it up simply with a rubber spatula, IN ONE BOWL. It is THAT EASY. 

chai masala apple streusel cake

Ingredients of the Apple Cake:

The ingredients of this amazing cake are:

  • All purpose flour
    • Almond flour – I love adding almond flour to my bakes for flavor and texture!
    • Corn starch – makes the cake have a smoother texture, and makes it light.
    • Unsalted melted butter – Butter adds flavor to the cake
    • Good quality olive oil – The olive oil makes it super moist and it will not dry out even in a few days, as long as it is kept covered.
    • Granulated and Brown sugar – I add both, one for the caramely taste and one to add the sweetness.
    • Chai Masala – I add my own homemade chai masala, but feel free to add a store bought one if you prefer
  • Baking powder
  • Table salt – It is saltier than kosher salt and I prefer adding it to my baked goods, to balance out the sweetness
  • Grated apples – I do not like chunks of fruit in my cakes, so I prefer adding grated apples, along with all the juice!
  • Orange zest – this is completely optional. My husband does not like orange in his desserts, so I make it without. But I personally prefer orange zest with apples – it brightens up the cake!
  • Vanilla extract – I love adding a good amount in my baked goods. It always enhances the flavor of the cake.

chai masala apple streusel cake

Ingredients of the Streusel:

  • All purpose flour 
  • Oats – love the texture of oats on top of the cake
    • Sliced almonds – I love a good bite and taste of almonds in this cake
  • Brown sugar 
  • Cold butter – you want to add cold butter and break it down into pea sized pieces, so that when the butter melts in the oven, it creates that streusel texture on the top.
  • Salt – its a must to balance out the flavors
  • Halvah – I cannot say enough about my love for halvah. It add that nuttiness, depth, sweetness, and creaminess to the top of the cake and it goes fantastic with apples!


After adding the streusel on top of the cake batter, in the pan, bake for about an hour in the oven at 350 degrees C. You must check the cake for doneness by poking the middle of the cake with a bamboo stick or a sharp knife. If the knife comes out clean you know that the cake is done. Remove it immediately.

chai masala apple streusel cake

Bourbon Glaze:

The bourbon glaze is just 3 ingredients – come together in 2 minutes and adds so much flavor to the cake! Garnish with edible rose petals to give it the prettiest finish!


This cake is perfect with a cup of coffee. My husband has been a happy camper ever since I made the cake. His dessert at night is coffee with this coffee cake. This coffee cake is perfect to share with family, friends, or even have it at your Thanksgiving table, as the finale dessert with coffee or tea!

chai masala apple streusel cake

I hope you enjoyed this easy peasy recipe and hope you get a chance to make it for Thanksgiving or otherwise!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!





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