Quick Date (Khajur) and Nut Chocolate Bars

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Sometimes one has these ideas in mind for years, but never executes them, and you may find that someone has already taken it and executed it! Well, I do not know if anyone has done this idea, but it has been on my mind for years – Date and Nut Chocolate Bars – PERFECT QUICK AND EASY MITHAI FOR DIWALI!!!!

Date and Nut Chocolate Bars

Growing up, my mother used to make Khajur and Nut Rolls very often. It was her speciality. It has no sugar, made with ghee, dates and nuts, and a couple of spices – it is a great energy booster, and I believe many Indian homes make this sweet, in their own ways – that make it unique and special to that household.

Date and Nut Chocolate Bars

My mother would make rolls out of dates, and various nuts. In addition to cardamom, which mind you – needs to be coarsely ground (so you can bite into a piece here and there), and freshly grated nutmeg, along with poppy seeds. She would coat them in unsweetened desiccated coconut – giving it that extra bit of sweetness, in a good way!


I loved these rolls, and every time I would visit India, mom would pack them for me as a snack.

Date and Nut Chocolate Bars

The Khajur (Date) and Nut Chocolate Bars are my modern take on these Khajur Rolls. The base is made up of:

  • Almond Flour : Make sure to use finely ground almond flour. My preferred choice is Bob’s Red Mill.
  • Unsweetened Shredded Coconut: I again use Bob’s Red Mill, linked here
  • Granulated Sugar : A tad bit.
  • Unsalted Butter: This is melted and slightly warm, so that it melts the sugar when mixed.
  • Salt to balance the sweetness.


The base is baked off in a 350 degrees F oven for 10 minutes. And then cooled.

Date and Nut Chocolate Bars

All these Ingredients make the lovely base of these bars. These bars are gluten free and the middle Layer is sugar free.


The Middle Layer is very interesting. I add my own twists to it, and those extra ingredients make this bar EXTRA special!

  • Ghee: Ghee is good for health from an ayurvedic perspective. It is an instant energy booster and a little bit goes a long way. 
  • Dates: Dates are instant energy givers too and my dad’s favorite food!
  • Nuts: I use walnuts, almonds and pistachios. Walnuts and almonds are toasted.
  • Coarsely ground cardamom: Always coarsely ground, so that it retains its taste in the date mixture. Sometimes I get a tiny bite of cardamom and it instantly refreshes the mouth.
  • Freshly grated nutmeg: Always freshly grated nutmeg because the flavor is totally elevated.
  • Rose water: a bit of rose water goes a long way and takes the bar to the next level.
  • Poppy seeds: It adds texture and grit to the bar.
  • Freeze dried Strawberries: I get these from Trader Joe’s. I crush them and put them in the date and nut mixture, after everything is mixed. It gives a bit of sweet/sour taste to the bar, and complements the rose water and nuts really well!
  • Salt : Always add a bit of salt to balance all the flavors! It truly works!

Date and Nut Chocolate Bars

The date mixture literally takes 5 minutes to cook, then pulse the dates and mix with the other ingredients. Then layer it on top of the bottom layer. That is it!


The Top layer is a Chocolate Layer : a mixture of Dark Chocolate and Strawberry feves(melted with coconut oil). The feves are from Valrhona and I got them from here. They are pricey now, but when I got them, they were cheaper. You could substitute it with freeze dried strawberry powder, mixed in white chocolate, and pink gel, and strawberry extract to give it a similar effect. OR you could use RUBY chocolate too.


I love making the swirl effect on the top with the 2 toned chocolates. Makes for a very pretty bar. Decorate it with edible gold foil and it will be so pretty! You can get the edible gold foil here

Date and Nut Chocolate Bars

I shared these bars with my friends and they absolutely loved it. They got over pretty fast!! 


These bars surprisingly come together very quickly! The bottom layer is baked off for 10 minutes. Meanwhile make the middle layer and keep it ready. Top it off with the melted chocolate, and place it in the fridge for a few minutes. Finally decorate it with edible gold leaf, or with nuts if you wish!

IMG 7249 scaled

I hope you get to make these QUICK BARS for your loved ones, and give them as mithai in little boxes. They make for such delightful treats!


Have a Happy And Safe Diwali! Wishing you Saal Mubarak – from my family to yours.






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