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Diwali is around the corner, and although I am very busy with the book launch stuff, I could not let Diwali pass without making some goodies for this beautiful, most festive time of the year! I have had this cookie idea for a long time now, and I have been really excited to execute it. 


Have you seen Sarah Kieffer’s Neopolitan Cookie? It is basically one dough that is divided into 3 portions. Each portion is colored and flavored in a different way. The pink dough has freeze dried strawberry powder in it, and the chocolate dough has cocoa in it. I really wanted to Indianize this cookie and have been thinking for a while.

mango kesar shrikhand cookie


I came up with an eggless Mango Shrikhand Cookie. I started to conceptualize, as to how I would put all the flavors of a Mango Shrikhand into this 4 inch cookie! I would ofcourse add freeze dried mango powder to one layer. I get my freeze dried fruits from Trader Joe’s or Target! They both have freeze dried fruits that I blitz in my high speed blender to get a fine powder, that is fantastic to flavor any baked goods.


This time I got my freeze dried mango powder from Amazon. Here is the link to the powder. I wanted to also get the yogurt, tangy flavor into the cookie. After much thought, I started looking for yogurt powder and found it on Amazon! Here is the link to the yogurt powder

mango kesar shrikhand cookie


mango kesar shrikhand cookie

I also made an eggless cookie dough as many Indians do not eat eggs, and I thought this would be such a great cookie to pack in a box to give! 


The dough is flavored with the yogurt powder, and ground cardamom, and also finely chopped pistachio, just like a normal shrikhand! The dough is divided into 3 portions. I keep the white dough portion slightly higher, as I am not adding anything to that dough.





The yellow dough has saffron that has been steeped in milk, and a bit of additional flour, to prevent the dough from getting sticky, and a bit of color, to give it the pretty yellow hue. This is the kesar(saffron) layer. It requires a bit of mixing for the color to be consistent throughout.



The orange dough has freeze dried mango powder, a bit of milk and color in it, to ensure the same consistency as the other doughs. This is the mango layer. It requires a bit of mixing for the color to be consistent throughout.


Each dough is divided equally into 15~16 gms each. That way the cookie will be even and the 3 layers will be equal as well. I take a piece of each colored dough, make a ball, and then combine the 3 balls together to form a cohesive ball. Be gentle with the dough. You will get a peace sign as the top view. Press it gently to form a disc, roll in the granulated sugar and place it on the baking tray with parchment paper.


Do not over-bake the cookie for more than 14-15 minutes as it will not be soft otherwise.

mango kesar shrikhand cookie


Test one or 2 cookies first as the oven temperature varies from home to home. 


When the cookies are almost done, at around 12 minutes, I remove them and bang the tray 2-3 times to flatten the cookie a bit. I put a few slices of pistachio on the top and gently press them into the dough to adhere. The cookies are baked for 2 more minutes and then removed, and set aside to cool.

mango kesar shrikhand cookie

mango kesar shrikhand cookie


The cookies are SO SO good with some milk or just as is! They taste like mango kesar shrikhand and the texture of the cookie is beautiful too!


I hope you get a chance to make these cookies for Diwali! They do make a wonderful treat!


Some more mithai coming for you soon!



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