Book signing at Omnivore Books in SF!

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Local bookstores are a novelty now a days, what with books being sold online, and people getting them in a day or two at the most, on the click of a button. I remember when I first came to this country, and I moved to Mountain View for my first job, there was a Barnes and Nobles close by. It was always a fun visit to the store, to see all the variety of books that were present there, gorgeous, attractive covers, unique designs, known and unknown authors, and let’s not forget the small and fun gift items that you would get towards the beginning of the store. I miss that vibe, the charm of going to a local book store. 

And hence it is absolutely wonderful to see Omnivore Bookstore in San Francisco, that is still standing, in a charming, quaint neighborhood of the beautiful city. It is a very cute store, owned by Celia. She has always been there, present, for the few book signings that I have been for. The store has only cookbooks — and SO many of them! It’s really a gorgeous collection, one to admire and just stare at! 

I was here for Samin Nosrat’s book-signing about 3 to 4 years ago. It was a surreal experience to go to a famous person’s book-signing, to meet her, talk to her. She was very warm, gave my son a big hug, and took a beautiful picture with us, with her smiling cheek to cheek. It is surreal to think, that I will be in the same place on November 13th, for my own book’s signing. Never did I imagine that I would be doing a book-signing one day, in a book store where many famous people have signed books! My cookbook will have a special place on that shelf, in the store. It is a beautiful, heart warming feeling that my dream of 14 years is coming true! I am not famous by any means, but I have a story to tell, family heirloom recipes to share, and pass on my mom’s legacy to the world, in the form of her lovely cooking/baking , that she passed on to me. That is my hope.


With this, I sincerely invite you to join me at my cookbook signing at Omnivore Books in San Francisco on November 13th at 3:00pm! It is a Saturday, and I will be bringing in some treats, that I will make from my cookbook to share with you all. It will make me happy to see you there, and sign your cookbook in person and have a chat with you as well!

Here is the event signup link:

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I would be the happiest to see my grandma’s and mom’s recipes being cooked and shared in all the households.  A dream come true! And I know she will be looking down on me, smiling that a part of her, is in all the homes where her food is being cooked. 

I hope to see you at the event!

Best wishes,


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