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I have been a fan of Milk Street and Christopher Kimball since the late 2000’s, when I used to watch America’s Test Kitchen, airing on our local PBS channel. They would showcase the American way of cooking, with salads, and dressings, meats etc. But I still loved watching the way they would go about with the techniques for different foods. The way they would chop with those sharp knives, which was a novelty for me back then. I had my knives from India that I used to use, back then in the kitchen. 


Christopher Kimball started his own company called Milk Street, and he even has a show on PBS with the same name that I often watch. They will take one food, and compare techniques, or ways of cooking it, or one ingredient and provide lots of information on it. I love watching the show, it is very informative and I always come out learning something new. Christopher Kimball has 2 quotes on his Milk Street website which are really cool:

  • Ethnic cooking is just dinner somwhere else in the world.
  • You’re never finished learning how to cook.

Both are profound in their own way and I love both the quotes. Food brings us together, food invokes memories, food makes us happy.

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When I found out that Milk Street wanted to do a cooking class with me, with recipes from my upcoming cookbook, I was very excited! It was a dream come true! They asked me what recipes I would like to showcase. I wanted to come up with something that is not too complicated, that is easy to follow, has less spices, and is a fun way to showcase foods from where I grew up – my beautiful city of Mumbai. I have grown up eating street food, since I was a little girl. Street food is close to my heart and to be able to showcase 2 of my favorite street foods to people, is honestly a joy that I know I will remember for years to come. So I decided on my take on Pav Bhaji with Pav Bhaji sliders, that I serve with an Heirloom Carrot Salad. It comes together fairly quickly and is absolutely delicious with the fresh salad, made from beautiful heirloom carrots which are a bounty in the Fall, in California.


The second recipe that I decided to showcase is the quintessential Bombay Grilled Sandwich! It is sexy, luscious, addictive and filling, and you crave for more. Think of it as an elevated grilled cheese with fresh vegetables and a lovely spicy cilantro mint chutney to go with it.

HERE IS THE EVENT LINK and a beautiful description of the class as well!

Join me for 1 hour 15 minutes, and learn how to make these 2 easy and fun dishes, that are definitely crowd pleasers and make for a fun way to learn street foods from the city of Mumbai(Also knows as the city that does not sleep!).


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Thank you so much and I hope you can make it to the class! Because I will love to cook with you!


Best wishes,


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