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Summer means a lot of easy desserts, that require no baking at all, ice creams, sorbets, or baking desserts like easy cakes with seasonal fruit, cobblers, crisps, pies. I love desserts with a lot of different components, because I feel it gives different depth of dimension, flavor profile and textures to a dessert, which is really what I love! 


I do not have very many easy desserts on my blog, so I decided that it needs to change! So I made this really easy peasy Ice box cake with Mango and Berry flavors, and ofcourse they have to have a spice element, and decorated elegantly too! 

Mango Raspberry Icebox Cake

Ice box cake is essentially layers of crackers, ice cream or whipped cream and you keep repeating the layers, in any tin pan, be it loaf pan, square pan, cake pan, and layer them to create this dimensional beauty, that whips up so quickly and makes for a perfect summer dessert in my opinion!


The layers of this Mango Berry IceBox Cake are:

  • Graham Crackers: You could use any kind of thin crackers, and in this case graham crackers would work the best with the mango and the berries!
  • Mango Whipped Cream: I have mango puree, along with Mango Jam, ground ginger, and heavy whipping cream.
  • Berry Whipped Cream: I have strawberry and raspberry puree, ground cardamom, strawberry jam, and heavy whipping cream.
  • Vanilla Whipped Cream: This is simply plain sweetened whipped cream used for the middle layer.

Mango Raspberry Icebox Cake

I whip up the heavy whipping cream with confectioner’s sugar and vanilla extract, divide them into 3 bowls, with more quantity in the other 2 bowls. I add fruit purees and spices in 2 of the bowls, to get a beautiful yellow colored mango whipped cream and pretty pink berry whipped cream layers. 

Mango Raspberry Icebox Cake


  • Spray cooking spray in the loaf tin in which the icebox cake is made. That way the plastic wrap that is used to seal the icebox cake will come out without any difficulty.
  • When layering the graham crackers, it is like a game of tetris. You must fill all the gaps. The crackers can be easily cut with a sharp serrated knife, to get clean cuts.
  • Small offset spatula is your best friend! Use it to smooth out each and every whipped cream layer to get the most even layers. I am a fusser, and I fuss to get straight layers!
  • Enjoy the process! The icebox cake does not take more than an hour to make and assemble. So take your time and work through each layer with calmness!
  • Freeze for 4 hours and then it is ready to eat.
  • Change up the fruit puree depending upon the season, and make it your own!

Mango Raspberry Icebox Cake


I love to decorate my desserts in a unique way. Here I have simply made a Stable Whipped Cream. I give it stability by putting milk powder in it. It really helps with the decorated whipped cream staying in place. 


I also decorated it with Mango slivers, and raspberries, along with chopped pistachios. I was thinking of putting silver foil but it would have been too much. I love the way the icebox cake looked, and was quite happy with it!

Mango Raspberry Icebox Cake

You must attempt to try this icebox cake and I guarantee you, you will not stop at making one, or eating it just once! The slices are light, airy, fruity, summery and delicious and my kids absolutely loved it!


I will be making different versions in fall, maybe an icebox cake for Halloween?! Now that would be fun right?! As well as a fun treat for little kids too! Or big kids haha!

IMG 4723 scaled

Hope your week is going well. I have a lot of cookbook stuff coming up, and my blogging is going to lessen as I prepare in full mode for the book launch of my debut cookbook – Mumbai Modern on November 2nd, 2021! The BEST way to support a budding new author is to pre-order their cookbook, so I really hope you get a chance to get your own copy! I promise you, there will be a lot of things that you will LOVE to cook and bake!


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Be safe, stay well!





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