Tindora nu Shaak (Ivy Gourd Spiced Vegetable)

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Ivy gourd or Tindora is a popular vegetable in India. It grows in the tropical climate, and infact it has a lot of medicinal properties and you can refer to the Wikipedia link here, to get more information on the medicinal properties. This was one of the popular vegetables that our whole family was fond of. Tindora and Bhinda or okra was on the weekly menu always, with rotli, gujarati daal and rice. It is perhaps one of my favorite vegetables that I really enjoy! It is a vegetable that is a bit tedious to cut, but once prepped, they turn out to be very enjoyable. Tindora are small and green in color with thin white stripes sometimes. They are raw and crunchy in that state, and as they ripen, they become pinkish red in color. They are elongated in length.

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There are 2 ways to cut the Tindora. 1) You can cut the ends off, and then cut it in its round shape horizontally 2) you can cut the ends off and cut it length wise into half, and then cut each half into slivers. It is a matter of preference. There is ofcourse no change in taste! 😊 I like it cut lengthwise, perhaps because my mom always cut it lengthwise when she prepared it.

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The gujarati way of preparation and how my mom would prepare it, is to put only the dry spices, along with ginger with the tindora and potatoes. I like the tindora with onions, that are slightly fried in the oil, so that it imparts a sweet flavor to the vegetable, and along with the potatoes, and spices, this vegetable is a clear favorite and a winner in my books!

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Gujarati or Indian vegetables that are homestyle, are very easy to prepare. The cutting and preparation takes a bit of time, but if you prepare a day ahead, the making of the vegetables literally takes 15-20 minutes in all. It is simply putting together the oil, dry spices, ginger, and garlic if you prefer, and adding the cut vegetables. Let it cook on low heat, covered with a lid so that it cooks all the way through. The best way to enjoy Indian food is by eating home cooked meals, because that is when you get a real taste of the India, or particularly, the state from where the food comes from. Home cooked meals are ones that I crave a lot, and which you will never get in any restaurant. Restaurants only serve 2 kinds of cuisines most of the times, North Indian Cuisine and South Indian Cuisine, and both are generalized. They are all amazing dishes in the restaurants, but nothing beats a homely meal, that is made with love.

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This tindora nu shaak is best served with plain rotli, Gujarati Daal and plain rice. You can also eat it with Gujarati Daal and Plain rice as well.


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