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This year has been extremely trying in many ways. I volunteered to participate in a campaign to collect donations for #bakersagainstracism, which was a worldwide virtual bake sale, for anyone who wants to see radical change against systemic and structural racism, which took place from June 15th to June 20th. More than 2400 participants across 42 states and 15 countries participated in the bake sale and raised over 1.8 million dollars which is absolutely incredible, especially with all the recent events, this was fantastic news to cheer on and continue the #blacklivesmatter movement!

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I participated in my own small way, and came up with a list of 6 items that I was going to have available for the bake sale. I had to have macarons in it, so I did 2 flavors : 1) Strawberry and Rose Macarons 2) Chocolate Brownie Macarons. With the help of friends and unknown people too, and their generous donations, I was able to collect 710$ ! It was a small achievement in a small way and I donated half to NAACP and half to Color of Change non-profit organizations. It felt good to be able to participate, and put in effort to do your own small part towards this larger cause. This movement has affected socially in so many different countries, and brought up issues that we did not take seriously previously. This has brought about conversations and changes in so many different taboo aspects, and it is fantastic to see changes occurring all over the world.

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My macarons were a big hit and all the orders for Macarons were fulfilled! I am sharing the recipe of these Chocolate Brownie Macarons because they were absolutely the best macarons that I have ever made in my opinion! The shell is a chocolate shell with cocoa powder in it. The filling is a chocolate buttercream, and a brownie center. I didn’t see a point in developing a new brownie recipe, when there is already an excellent brownie recipe from Michelle of the famous Hummingbird High Blog.    

Michelle shares the recipe of the brownies on her blog and also her beautiful new cookbook called Weeknight Baking! I have made her brownie recipe atleast 6-8 times in the past 3 months believe it not! I love it, and cannot get enough of it! You can get the recipe of the brownies from her blog here. I decorated the macarons with a drizzle of dark chocolate, and chocolate sprinkles and a dusting of edible gold.

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These brownies are chewy, completely chocolatey, and SO SO GOOD! My husband who is NOT a chocolate LOVER, he is team Vanilla, LOVED THESE MACARONS, which says a lot!

I hope you get a chance to make these macarons and if you do please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a comment on this blog post.

Hope you all are doing well, and staying well in these times.

Much love,



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