Berry Olive Oil Cake

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With berry season now in full swing, and summer weather here, it is time to make light desserts, that scream summer, and are a joy to share with family and friends! This time will go down in history as the year that was filled with unexpected turmoil throughout the year. So much has happened since the beginning of the year, but come summer, and the sunshine, I will say it is nice to have the longer days and beautiful cool nights to enjoy. I have been growing a lot of produce in my garden, like tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, taro root, peppers, fenugreek etc. and it has been quite rewarding to say the least. Flowers have been blooming everywhere in our garden, all the roses, jasmines, and even the lemon tree is flourishing like crazy! I love the lemon flowers cause they are so fragrant! I wish I could make a bouquet out of those lemon flowers!

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I love olive oil cakes, because they are light, moist and so delicious and go perfect as a tea time cake! I made a rendition of this olive oil cake with all berries like raspberry, blueberry and blackberry! I make a berry sauce with the 3 berries, and add a balsamic glaze in it to give it that slight edge. I make the olive oil cake, and I always add spices to my cake to give it extra flavor. The berry sauce is swirled into the cake, and then baked till golden brown. Every slice is served with whipped cream, more berries and an extra drizzle of the balsamic glaze! I love this summer cake a lot, and although we are in a quarantine situation, if you are meeting your family and friends while social distancing, and sharing food, this is a cake that I would highly recommend to share!  I can guarantee that your friends will love it.

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I hope all of you are doing well in light of the current events, and hope that you can have a good summer regardless of the situation. We have to make the most from what we have in the current situation. It has been hard to keep the kids occupied while working full time but we have somehow gotten past this school year, and into the summer holidays.

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Much love and light!



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