Chocolate Swirled Banana Bread

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We all LOVE banana bread! The fragrance of the simple banana bread, when it is fresh out of the oven, is absolutely crave worthy! When it is just about cooled down and the crust has formed, I love to slice into that slightly warm banana bread, with the ooey gooey chocolate chips and sneak in a bite, which usually means late in the night! That is because banana bread is one of those bakes, which I have been making for years, and it is like a give in, that if I have over ripe bananas, that I do NOT want to waste, MAKE BANANA BREAD! It is one of those recipes, which are taken for granted, that I know in my sleep, and I make the batter in 15 minutes, and the rest 1 hour goes in the bake! It is one of those recipes that I have not had time to photograph, because I usually make it Sunday night, and then it is eaten by the kids for breakfast for the entire week! I know that week, I do not have to worry about what my kids will eat for breakfast because they devor this banana bread!

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I adapted this recipe from Epicurious and I LOVE IT! I made my own modifications to this recipe, and I love how it turns out every single time. I have been making this same recipe for quite a few years now. I divide the batter(once I have added the chocolate chips and walnuts) into 2 parts, and add 1/3 cup dark cocoa powder to one part to create a swirled banana bread. I love the bites of chocolate bread in the middle of each bite! The total quantity makes for one normal loaf, and a mini loaf. If you do not have a mini loaf pan, you can bake them off into a cake pan with a cake liner. But do NOT waste the batter :)! This bread lasts for a week, if it lasts! I have even made banana bread waffle slices, and topped it off with whipped cream and berries as breakfast for the kids!


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I hope you all are doing ok amidst all the COVID-19 talks. It has been a challenging few weeks, but I will say this, it has been very gratifying, and you really learn to appreciate a lot of things that are taken for granted. I am blesssed, and thankful, that I have a job, a home, my family to fulfil my life and I really wish that the situation can get better soon. Although it may be a very long time to go back to an absolute normal, I wish we can atleast socialize and meet friends like we used to.

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Hope you are all healthy, safe and trying to live in whatever surroundings you have and to practice gratitude everyday for the little things that are in our lives.




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