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I am not into Valentine’s day and we do not celebrate it. I do a little something with the kids, cause it is always fun doing activities with them, but that’s about it. I used to celebrate before we had kids because I am a big romantic at heart and do love being celebrated and love showering my loved ones with love(If I may say that! lol). As you grow older you feel why do we need to celebrate love on ONE particular day in a year?! Why can’t we celebrate it when we feel it numerous times in a year, and shower our loved ones with hugs and kisses, or show love by small gestures?!

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So I made these any time any day macarons, with a Hibiscus Buttercream and Jam in the center. They can be made for your or WITH your kids, for your loved ones, or even for a Galentine’s Day celebration with your best gal pals! I love how ombre pink the colors are, and it makes me very happy to see the pictures!  I used 2 kinds of jams because both of them go so well with hibiscus buttercream – 1) Blood orange and Rosemary Marmalade(perhaps my absolute favorite jam ever) 2) Strawberry Jam. Both the combos of hibiscus-blood orange and hibiscus-strawberry work so well together! I love pink, and pink desserts, so I made macarons in different shades of pink ranging from light pink to a darker pink – which is actually so pretty! I drizzled them with royal icing and pepped them up with pretty sprinkles! These beauties would work as any day macarons, but so perfect to celebrate Valentine’s day or Galentine’s day as well, with your girl friends!

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I get the dried hibiscus flowers from Amazon. I brew them in a little bit of hot water to bring out the color and tart flavor, and use this hibiscus tea to flavor the buttercream. The buttercream gets such a pretty pink color which works perfectly for these macarons.

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How did I get the ombre colors of the macarons using one batter?! So after making the meringue for the macarons, when you are at the macaronnage stage, where you mix in the almond flour/confectioner’s sugar mixture into the meringue mixture to form the batter, you mix the flour into the meringue only upto a stage where it is just combined and you do not see any flour mixture particles. At this stage, divide the batter equally into 4 bowls. I used the following shades of pink and red from Americolor to create the different shades : Fuschia, Deep Pink, Tulip Red, Maroon. I started off with using only Deep pink using a tooth pick so you can control the amount of color you put in each bowl. The second bowl had a combination of Fuschia and Deep Pink. The third bowl had a combination of Fuschia, Deep Pink and Tulip Red and the fourth bowl had a combination of all 4 colors.

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Once you add the color to a bowl, you start the macaronnage stage, where you mix the batter with a spatula in a circular motion, pressing the spatula against the bowl to remove any air bubbles, but yet making the batter smooth with the constant motion of the spatula around the bowl. You want to finally achieve the figure 8 with the batter when you use the spatula in the batter and pour it from the top and make a figure 8 into the batter. It should mix and blend into the batter within 15-20 seconds. That is when you know your batter is ready. You will do the same for the remaining 3 bowls.

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Once your batters are ready, you must have the 12 inch pipping bags with a 1/4 inch round tip attached in each bag ready to go. Gently put the pipping bag in a long glass so that it is easy to pour the batter into the bag. Keep it there, and prepare the remaining 3 bags of batter. You must have the baking trays with either the macaron template Silpat Or the parchment paper ready so that you can start pipping the macarons right away. I DO prefer the Macaron Silpat which I got from Amazon, because my macarons turn out perfect each and every time and they release from the sheet very easily and cleanly as well. I use a bench scraper to scrap the batter all the way down, and secure the top and start pipping the macarons onto the baking tray.

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Once the trays are ready, it is essential to let them rest for 45 minutes, and get the oven ready in the meanwhile. The tops of the macarons have to be dry for them to bake perfectly. On a rainy day, I let them rest for atleast 75 minutes and then bake them because the humidity is high during the rains and it is actually not good to make macarons. Macarons require dry climate, and dry heat so that they can form a beautiful crust on the top. You can bake the shells 1-2 days in advance, and pipe them later too.

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I used the hibiscus cream to pipe on the outside, and put a bit of jam in the center. These macarons turned out beautiful in taste, texture and looks and I was quite happy with them! There are more tips at the end of the recipe and if you ever have questions regarding macarons, please feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me, or contact me on my blog! I would be more than happy to help you out since I have learnt all the tricks and tips from all the trials that I went through when I made macarons. It is a bit tedious but once you get the hang of it, they are a lot of fun! and make such fun gifts for your friends and family!


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I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day if you celebrate it! Show your loved ones with love everyday, shower them with love and kisses and hugs. Life is too short and you never know what may happen. Show your loved ones with kind gestures, it could simply be helping out around the house without the other person telling you, or buying something for them that they enjoy such as a donut for example, or even simply giving a card with a sweet something written on it any day of the year. It is these small gestures which make life worth living and bring a smile to your loves ones faces.


Love and light!




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