Sweet Treat #4 : Woodland Deer Macarons with Spiced Amaretto Salted Caramel

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Rebecca of www.displacedhousewife.com and I are sharing 12 days sweet treats with YOU all! She is making 6 treats and so am I, so you can make these cookies/treats for your loved ones and make your own little cookie boxes!  Today she is sharing her Chocolate Peppermint Olive Oil Skillet Cookie! I know my kids would LOVE this cookie and I need to make it STAT!

This is part of the 12 Days of Sweet Treats (#12DaysofSweetTreats) that I’m doing with Rebecca, see below for all of our holiday sweet treats so far…

12 Days of Sweet Treats (so far!) with the wonderful Rebecca!(@displacedhousewife/ www.displacedhousewife.com)

  1. Woodland Deer Macarons with a Spiced Amaretto Salted Caramel Buttercream
  2. Chocolate Peppermint Olive Oil Skillet Cookie 
  3. Burnt Sugar Muscovado Truffles
  4. Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies with Bailey’s Buttercream
  5. Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies
  6. Raspberry Hazelnut Linzer Cookie With A Cocoa Hazelnut Praline Buttercream
  7. Dulce De Leche Baci Kisses
  8. Thandai Thumbprint Cookies with Pear and Spice Jam Buttercream

Macarons have to be in my box of goodies, always! I love making macarons and love playing around with flavors and royal icing where macarons are concerned. Royal icing can turn an ordinary cookie into an extra-ordinary cookie! As it does to macarons as well! I used to be intimated by royal icing, but as I practice more, I get more comfortable with it! And it becomes second nature to use royal icing for cookie/macaron decorating!  So Sweet Treat #4 are my Woodland Deer Macarons with a Spiced Amaretto Salted Buttercream! I had two ideas for making fancy macarons this year : and I decided to implement the Woodland deer macarons this year. You will have to wait for another year to see what my second idea was hehe ;).

IMG 6504 scaled

IMG 6514 scaled


I had seen a similar idea for a woodland deer on a cupcake, but not on a macaron. So I decided to implement the idea on a macaron with royal icing. Let’s talk about royal icing for a bit. I have always been intimated by royal icing but last year, I decided to let that fear GO. I watched Wilton’s videos on how to make Royal Icing, and I used their recipe to make it as well. The recipe turns out perfect every time, and the portion is more than enough to decorate all the macarons OR for that matter cookies that you choose to design. The recipe consistency is thick, so if you want to thin it out, you add ¼ tsp of water each time to see how it turns out and what consistency you want for the purpose that you want. I use the Wilton pipping tips 202/203 for pipping little details. I have seen people simply snipping the end of the pipping bag to get the tiniest hole for pipping borders or outlines. It is the best to experiment and play around to see what feels best to you, and go with it. Practice is key. I am not perfect in any ways, but I do feel slightly more confident every time I use royal icing for my bakes!

IMG 6519 2 scaled


IMG 6520 scaled

Macaron making can be intimidating too, and again it requires practice, and also knowing your own oven on how the macarons will bake. Do NOT be afraid of failures. I failed so many times before I actually got my macarons right 🙂 and I was confident about them. Now I can whip them up – be it humid, hot, cold any weather, and I know what I need to do to get them right. Practice is KEY. But if you do not attempt it even once you will never know if you can make them or not! So do give em macarons a try! I also have a Notes section on TIPS for getting your macarons correct and accurate. Also, you can always DM me on Instagram, or ask questions on my email and I will be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can with answers.

IMG 6522 scaled


IMG 6534 scaled

The recipe calls out for how I made the Woodland Deers, I love how they turned out, although the antlers are a little shabby but I think that gives it a bit of character! I made a Spiced Amaretto Salted Caramel, and the spices I used were ground ginger, cinnamon and clove giving it a warm winter vibe! I used Amaretto or Almond Liquor to spike them up ever so slightly! And ofcourse maldon flaky sea salt to balance out the sweet notes of caramel! The buttercream is made using this very flavorful caramel and it comes out soooo good! I pipped pretty rosettes on the macarons just because, using the 1M Wilton Tip. The antlers are made with pure melted chocolate pipped on a parchment paper, and then frozen to set them. The antlers are placed on the pipped buttercream and then the woodland deer macaron is placed on top to seal!

IMG 6537 scaled


If you do get a chance to make these macarons, please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a comment on my blog post here! I would so appreciate it!


Sweet Treat #5 coming your way soon! 🙂 Stay tuned!



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