Sweet Treat 2: Raspberry Hazelnut Linzer Cookie with a Cocoa Hazelnut Praline Buttercream

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Rebecca of www.displacedhousewife.com and I are sharing 12 days sweet treats with YOU all! She is making 6 treats and so am I, so you can make these cookies/treats for your loved ones and make your own little cookie boxes! 🙂 Today she is sharing her Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies, which look absolutely divine! I mean espresso and chocolate are heaven together, and in a cookie for the holidays, are perfect for the cookie box!!

This is part of the 12 Days of Sweet Treats (#12DaysofSweetTreats) that I’m doing with Rebecca, see below for all of our holiday sweet treats so far…

12 Days of Sweet Treats (so far!) with the wonderful Rebecca!(@displacedhousewife/ www.displacedhousewife.com)

  1. Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Raspberry Hazelnut Linzer Cookie With A Cocoa Hazelnut Praline Buttercream
  3. Dulce De Leche Baci Kisses
  4. Thandai Thumbprint Cookies with Pear and Spice Jam Buttercream

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Sweet Treat #2 is dedicated to Linzer cookies. Every holiday season, I make linzer cookies. They are so quintessential Christmas, and I love making it with my kids. Once the dough is made, I roll out the dough and they love making the shapes, and stamping the middle with their favorite design, which makes it fun for them. I usually make a homemade jam filled linzer cookie, which is generally how they are made and devoured! I use all the different flavored jams that I make during the summer, in my linzer cookies. They are so perfect with a cuppa tea or coffee, with all that powdered sugar on the top! It is complete bliss!

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This year I made Raspberry Hazelnut Linzer Cookies with a Cocoa Hazelnut Praline Buttercream! A mouthful for sure LOL! This year I changed up my linzer cookie to add hazelnut meal in it, along with ground freeze dried raspberry powder in the cookie dough. I LOVE the combination of chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut together, so this cookie celebrates all those flavors together and the marriage of all these flavors work so well in this pretty cookie! I make a hazelnut praline paste, and use that paste to make the buttercream, along with some cocoa powder in it. The taste of the buttercream is sooo delicious, and works perfectly with the flavors of the cookie! I sprinkle the top of each linzer with a mixture of powdered sugar and the freeze dried raspberry powder to enhance the raspberry flavor in this cookie! The dusting of the pale pink looks so pretty on the top!

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I also wanted to add that my linzer cookie recipe got a place in the Holiday Cookie Special Edition of the Bake from Scratch magazine! And it is also the cover recipe for the magazine which was pretty cool and exciting! 🙂

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I hope you get to try this recipe that I so love, and tastes absolutely divine. Few tips for this recipe:

  • Make sure that the dough is chilled in the fridge before rolling it out.
  • You can get the freeze dried raspberries from Trader Joe’s. This has to be ground fresh and used immediately, as the powder can absorb moisture and lose its suppleness.
  • Make sure that the hazelnuts are fresh and not turned rancid. Hazelnuts tend to go rancid pretty fast. You do not want to make it and waste a whole batch of praline paste and cookies!
  • The hazelnut praline paste takes about 5-7 minutes to come together. You have to keep the food processor running as it goes through the different stages of breaking down and ultimately becoming paste. BE patient!

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If you do make these cookies, please do not forget to tag @thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a comment on this blog post! Hope you all are having a fabulous December and enjoying the spirit of the season! Do not get stressed out over holiday gifts, but rather enjoy the moment to breathe, and take it easy and enjoy your loved ones, cause this time never comes back.


Much Love, until the next treat! 🙂




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