Black Forest Pie

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Holiday season is upon us, and pies are one of the most popular go-to desserts for any of the holiday parties! Pies are so versatile now a days, and you can go from getting a fall/winter fruit incorporated to nut pies, to chocolate pies or any of the classics make great pies!  Being always short on time, and people being in a rush during the holidays, for getting a dessert to any holiday gathering, any way to make the dessert making process, one step short is always appreciated, and much needed!

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One of the most easiest and convenient ways to make pie making one step easier is a ready-made crust. This is possible by using Diamond of California’s Pecan Pie Crust! This nut pie crust is made with simple ingredients, it does not contain corn syrup, no artificial flavors involved, the pie crust works for sweet and savory, and many other plus points that are worth using this nut pie crust for.

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I decided to make a Black Forest Pie with layers of Chocolate Mousse, a layer of maraschino cherries, Cherry Mousse Layer, covered with a layer of Chocolate Ganache, then smothered with piped whipped cream, and finally garnished with edible gold spotted chocolate shards, cherries, and sprinkles, making this tart so elegant and gorgeous than any regular Black Forest Pie. The layers are very easy to put together and it does not take time to make the layers. It does take time to rest between each layer for the layer to set.

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The Chocolate Mousse layer is made with a mix of bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream and gelatin to set the mousse. It sets beautifully and is so creamy as well. I then add a layer of maraschino cherries all over the chocolate mousse, to give an element of surprise between the chocolate and cherry mousse layers. Then comes a layer of cherry mousse which again is very easy to put together. You make a cherry filling over a stove top, then you strain it to get a smooth cherry filling along with gelatin. Then you add in whipped cream to the mixture. The gelatin helps to set the mousse. Add this layer on top of the cherries and let it set again in the fridge for a few hours. Finally you add a chocolate ganache layer, which again comes together very quickly. The topping is a sweetened whipped cream, which I pipe using a star pipe to give it depth and dimension. The garnish are chocolate shards, which were super easy to make, that I dot with edible gold. I got the edible gold leaves from Amazon. A little bit goes a long way. I also garnished with some cherries and sprinkles making it look very elegant, and a show stopper for any holiday party!

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The best part about this pie is that it can be made atleast 2 days in advance and taken straight to the holiday gathering and it will definitely lead to some raised eyebrows due to how elegant it looks!

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Hope you get a chance to make this stand out pie and take it to one of your holiday gatherings! If you do make it, please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a comment on both – my blog and Instagram!


Have a safe and happy holiday season, and enjoy the cheer and holiday spirit around!




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