Fig Jam and Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Rum Walnut Toffee

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Figs are slowly going out of season and I wanted to get in one more recipe before the season ends! I love figs and have grown up eating a lot of figs in my childhood, thanks to my dad who LOVES FIGS! He will eat fresh figs when in season, and when not in season, he will eat the dried figs. Figs are a part of this morning breakfast, and he cannot start his day without them! Did you know that figs have a lot of health benefits that include aiding with asthma, lowers the blood pressure, helps with constipation since it is a high source of fiber, it is very cooling for the body as well, if your body has a lot of heat and many other benefits that you can find online from reliable resources.



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Figs are quite underrated and many people do not like the texture. There are various kinds of figs such as Mission Figs, Calmyrna Figs, Tiger Figs etc. I had an amazing opportunity with Valley Fig a couple of weeks ago, where I got to visit Quivira Vineyards in Healdsburg where we got to tour the winery and see the beautiful fig trees and eat figs right off the trees in the glorious company of Chef Joanne Weir! It was such a great day to spend with her and her filming crew, along with other amazing bloggers. We even saw a fig bush called an espalier which are apparently easy to grow. I really want to look into planting a fig tree this year!

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So I love fig jam, and it goes so well on a cheese board, especially this time of the year, come Fall, transitioning into Winter, and Holiday season! Fig jam, with beautiful figs on a board with crostinis and beautiful different varieties of cheese is a fantastic way to start any holiday party! So I made a spiced fig jam, spiced with cinnamon and star anise. Star Anise is probably my favorite holiday spice, and I LOVE baking and making desserts with star anise. It imparts that licorice, fennel, fresh flavor that is so pleasing to the palette and my nose :). I think I should put star anise in one of those fragrance cloth mini bags and put it by my pillow hehe.

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I love making ice creams and eating ice creams. It is probably my favorite dessert ever. I love eating ice creams any time of the year, especially in the cold. I don’t know what it is about eating ice cream in the winter, but it just feels right! LOL. Since cheese plates are so popular and I love them too, I made a cheese platter inspired ice cream! This is a Fig, Honey and Goat Cheese Ice cream with Rum Walnut Toffee bits, and Spiced Fig Jam swirled in layers! There is crunch, tanginess, texture, sweetness, all of it in the ice cream and every bite is like heaven in your mouth. My kids LOVED this ice cream so much so that it got over pretty quickly, because they were not satisfied with just one scoop! This has become one of my favorite flavors. The Rum Walnut Toffee is a great addition to the ice cream and works really well together in the ice cream.

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Hope you all are having a wonderful October! I have a fun bunch of Diwali inspired – Indian inspired sweets/cookies coming up on the blog next week that I am very excited to share with you all.


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