Khajur Kopra Roll Pinwheel Cookies(Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies)

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My friend Hetal from Milk & Cardamom and I have collaborated to create a beautiful Diwali box, with plenty of sweet and savory ideas that you can make for your near and dear ones for Diwali! 🙂 Diwali is a time for celebration, sharing, family time, love and laughter. Diwali brings color and light to the home and to our hearts. Both of us will be making 3 sweets and 1 savory dish to share with you – one each day, and we will share the final Diwali box next week! 🙂 We are so excited to share all these goodies with you!! I hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them and photographing them.

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The second recipe that I am sharing today is inspired by a sweet that my mom used to make for us all the time. It would be made during Diwali or just because, otherwise as well! It was a healthy snack that we ate after school, when we were hungry, anything we were hungry! Because we were hungry kids !! 🙂 The sweet is Khajur Kopra Roll, which is essentially a Date and Nut roll, rolled in dried desiccated coconut. My mom would make this sweet, by warming ghee in a pot, then adding chopped dates to it, dried figs, nuts like almonds, pistachios and spices like nutmeg and cardamom. There was no sugar in this sweet. Once cooked for a few minutes. She would let it cool ever so slightly, and then roll it into a log. Once rolled into a log, she would roll it in desiccated coconut to give it an extra flair! It would be wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the fridge. She would then cut it into slices and serve to guests, or we would just eat it whenever we felt like it ! She did not stop us ofcourse because it was healthy and gives an instant energy boost with all the ghee, dates, and nuts!

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When I delivered my first born, my daughter – my mom was not with us. My masis (mom’s sisters), came from the UK, and they helped out with Anishka. It was really really sweet of them to come all the way and help me out with my first born because ofcourse I was clueless on so many things. They would cook meals for all of us and just be there physically and emotionally to help with whatever I needed. I will never forget this kind gesture from them. One of my masis got 4 of these khajur kopra rolls! I would savor them and have them so slowly cause they were so good, and did give an instant energy boost with all the breast feeding, and energy that I was expensing with Anishka!

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The second recipe is inspired by these rolls. I made a riff of these rolls with a cookie! Here are my Date and Nut Pinwheel Cookies! I make a sugar cookie dough with orange zest,  the cookie dough itself smells amazing with all the zest that is in it!  The dough is formed into a disc and set in the fridge for a bit. I make a date paste with dates, almonds, pistachios, dried unsweetened shredded coconut, nutmeg and cardamom, that is sort of spreadable by adding water and sugar and cooking it on the gas stove. The cookie dough is rolled out, and then the date mixture is spread on it. The cookie dough is rolled into a log very gently. The dough tends to break but you have to sort of seal it together with your palms, as you keep rolling it together into a log. Once rolled into a log, I roll it in a turbinado sugar and rose petal mixture. It is then wrapped in a plastic wrap and set in the freezer or the fridge for a few hours.

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Then onwards, these cookies are like slice and bake cookies. They are not the prettiest cookies but they are DEFINITELY the tastiest around with all those ingredients in it! The whole combination works so well together! They are super addictive, especially when they are freshly baked and out of the oven and they go fantastic with some hot pipping masala chai! I am very thrilled with these cookies and I hope you get a chance to make them too!! 🙂 If you do make them please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a comment on this blog post!

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You must check out Hetal’s Orange Tutti Fruitti Icebox Cookies, that she has on her blog today! I grew up eating tutti frutti ice cream which was my absolute favorite, so these cookies really spoke to me! 🙂 Especially the orange zest in it, and the crunch from the sugar on the outside! Rishan especially told me to tell Hetal that the cookies were delicious!


Recipe#3 coming up tomorrow! 🙂





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