Strawberry Macaron Sandwiches with Ollalieberry and Lavender Jam Ice Cream

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California has an abundance of produce, and the most beautiful berries come from the farms in California. We love to go berry picking every summer. There are a lot of U-Pick farms around in the bay area, that are pretty accessible and fun. This year we went to Watsonville for strawberries, ollalieberries and boysenberries. The latter two berries were new to us, and we had fun picking and tasting them! Ollalieberries are a cross between drewberry and blackberry and the color and shape is so pretty and so is the color! It is a deep purple. The taste is amazing and I loved the jam that I made, with ollalieberry and lavender. It is so fragrant and really tasty, and goes beautifully on a toast.

IMG 5146

I froze the boysenberries and they will become a cobbler in the next month or so! I love making macarons as you already know! Last year when I was at Whole Foods, I saw macaron ice cream sandwiches. They were so small and each cost $4! My kids wanted them so bad and in my mind I was like, I am NOT spending $8 for 2 ice cream sandwiches, especially when I can make it at home! So I have been making macaron ice cream sandwiches at home. They are so fun to make, they are homemade, and economical at the same time! And I get the kids involved in making the macarons, or decorating the sandwiches with sprinkles which makes it fun for them too!

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This year, I really wanted to make the Ollalieberry and Lavender Jam Ice cream. It turned out sooooo good and super delicious! This ice cream is so hard to resist and I wish I had made extra to have a tub by itself! I made strawberry macarons, with the freeze dried strawberry powder from Trader Joe’s. When you make slightly bigger macarons, you have to keep them in the oven for a wee bit longer, so that it bakes all the way through. The ice cream is placed on a jelly roll pan, with parchment paper, so that when you cut out the ice cream shapes, they come out easily with an offset spatula. It makes for clean cuts and even, same size ice cream sandwiches. I decorated the sandwiches with sprinkles, but you could decorate them with freeze dried strawberries or simply nothing! I love making them for my family, and my family enjoys eating them!

IMG 5165

You can even make mini versions of this for a party and it would be a great idea for kids and adults! You can substitute the Ollalieberry with Blackberry or Raspberry too, and it would make a wonderful jam and ice cream! Be creative and it always makes the process fun.


Hope you all are having a great summer! My kids start school on Monday and I could NOT be happier LOL! MOM dance! It’s been a long summer and glad that everyone gets back to a proper schedule and routine come Monday. Wishing all parents, good luck with this new school year, and new ventures!




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