Paneer, Mushroom and Corn Curry

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This post writeup is from 2017:

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My mom loved the combination of paneer, mushroom and corn. She especially loved mushrooms and corn. I was not too fond of mushrooms growing up. I didnt think it had any taste, and that rubbery texture did not entice me!  Mom would add mushrooms and corn to everything! Curries, or to a baked dish with a white sauce, or ofcourse to the chinese food she made! Mushrooms landed up everywhere, and she would have to mask it cause we didn’t like it as kids!


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I have grown to love mushrooms now, and my favorite kinds are the porcini, oyster, enoki and shitake. Especially when sauteed in butter and olive oil, with some herbs, the smell is simply divine! On to this really flavorful curry that I made using paneer, mushrooms and corn! The base is a simple base of onions, ginger, garlic sauteed in Ghee with tomatoes, tomato paste and powdered cashew nuts, and spices and made creamy with greek yogurt! There is no heavy cream in this dish, which is typical of many dishes from North India or Mughlai dishes. Greek yogurt gives it the body, and silkiness without the added fat, which is what I love about this dish, so I can eat more of it! 🙂


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My favorite way to eat it is with parathas, and with thinly sliced shallots and a squeeze of lime on the top! Pickled shallots would be even better! And some delicious cucumber raita to cool you down!


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I was so scuffed to have my picture posted on the Food and Wine Instagram account, and a lot of people asked me for the recipe, hence I decided to do a blog post on it!


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