Mango Macarons with a Mango Tequila Lime Buttercream and Passion Fruit Curd filling

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It is #margaritaweek this week! This week is Cinco de Mayo Celebration! There are lots of ways to celebrate here in the US and Mexico! Parades, folklore, parties, food, and lots of drinks! Many people believe that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican independence. However, the holiday actually celebrates Mexico’s victory over France during the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. The French army was much larger but the Mexican people stood their ground in Puebla, and won. While the French eventually did overtake the city, it’s still considered a victory. Apparently the celebration is not as big in Mexico! It is celebrated in grandeur in Puebla where the battle took place. I actually learnt this from my son, who had a Mexico History last year when he was in the first grade! It is always fun to learn from kids right?

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As Cinco de Mayo is celebrated widely in the US, there is a lot of alcohol consumption that goes on.  I mean is a party even complete without drinks?! Heck no!  So every year there is a virtual party hashtag #margaritaweek organized by Kate at !Hola Jalapeno ! A bunch of bloggers have been posting their recipes of margaritas OR food inspired by margaritas and it has been super fun to see all the recipes that the bloggers have come up with! The link for all the margarita fun is here at Margarita Week!!!

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2 years ago I made these delicious Lime and Cinnamon Cookie Bars with a Strawberry Hibiscus Lime Buttercream and Tequila Drizzle. Last year I made this Passion Fruit-Mango Tequila Lime Ice cream with a Tequila-Ancho Chile Caramel and a Peanut and Pepita Seed Brittle on the top. This ice cream was CRAZY delicious and got over pretty quickly! So full of fun flavors and a bit of kick from the ancho chile. It was mind blowingly delicious!

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This year, I decided to use the same flavor profile, but in the shape of macarons! I used freeze dried mangoes from Trader Joes to grind it up into a fine powder, and used it in the macaron shells. I made a Mango Tequila Lime Buttercream that has mango puree, tequila, lime juice mixed into the buttercream. I would have loved to add tajin in it, because I think it would have been a fantastic balance to the otherwise sweet macaron. I did not try that combo though. I filled the center of the macaron with a fresh passion fruit curd filling. The whole macaron was an absolute delight! I so love the flavors here! I decorated the macarons with royal icing in an abstract way, with colors of blue, yellow and red to depict a maraca, and the colors of shades of green and white to depict a lime wedge. I did make lime wedges on some of the macarons and it looked pretty cute! 🙂 Making patterns/designs on macaron shells with royal icing is so addictive, and therapeutic too! It makes such a fun activity with kids too!

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I had so much fun making this macaron flavor. If you do get a chance to try this recipe, please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a sweet comment on this blog post :). You will NOT be disappointed! This macaron is over the top ! SERIOUSLY!

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Cheers to #MargaritaWeek and special thanks to Kate from Hola! Jalapeno for organizing yet another successful year with this awesome party. Do check out all the other entries to this party at the following link and get a ton of inspiration for Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cindo De Mayo!




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