Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Pull-Apart Bread

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I get really excited when Instagrammers/bloggers, whom I have interacted with over the years, come out with their own cookbook and share their hard work and love for food with us. So when my dear friends Adam and Ryan came out with their first baby cookbook, I was really thrilled and excited for them! I have interacted a lot with Adam and Ryan over the years on Instagram, over so many DMs, and always wanted to meet them in person! They both exude warmth, love and radiance through their persona online, and I knew that is what I could expect the same, one day when I would meet them in person! So when they mentioned that they were coming to SF to Omnivore Bookstore for their book signing, I could not contain my excitement! I did not plan anything for that day, it was a Saturday in March, and made a plan with my family, where we all would go up to the city together, have lunch, and then  I could spend some quality time with the cutest couple ever, after their book signing! We got to spend some good quality time after the signing, and get personal and talk about our families and origins, and get to know them more in person! It a wonderful evening, one that I will remember for a very long time!  And I hope that we get to spend some time together in the future too.

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Adam and Ryan’s blog is a plethora of different recipes from different cuisines, and is a beautiful mix of east and west, along with awesome bakes, and amazinggg cocktails! I seriously love their cocktails and wanted to make one of them someday. One of their prettiest cocktails is the checker board pattern cocktail which is so pretty and would be perfect for a party, to wow your guests! Their cookbook is a reflection of their blog!

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Ok now about this cookbook! Husbands That Cook is the title of the book. The book has more than 125+ recipes and guess what!? ALL ARE VEGETARIAN! Now that is exciting because I am vegetarian too, so the whole book speaks to me! I loved reading their intro, and ofcourse knowing them more. Introductions in my opinion are so important in a cookbook, because they reveal and tell a story about the author and where their origins are from, where they come from, the thought process of the cookbook came from, and why is it so important to them. It brings the reader closer to the author, and getting personal about you, makes the reader feel you know the person without even meeting them. That is why introductions are important. And their introduction did just that! Another important thing that I loved in the cookbook is the paragraph telling how and why the recipe inspired them and why it was important to them. There is a story behind each recipe, and you can see the love and hardwork that was put into this beautiful cookbook. The love flows through the book, through their love for each other and for what inspired them to make each recipe and include it into their book. And now about the recipes! They are PURE FUN and JOY to read and make! 🙂 I have tried 3 of their recipes, and I loved all of them equally! Their grandma’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake is seriously to die for! My husband LOVED IT, and finished it within 2 days! He did not share it with the kids! Ok he gave them piece each LOL! I made it again for him cause he loved it so much!

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The whole book is divided into several chapters for Breakfast, Soups, Salads, Entrees, Sides, Desserts, Drinks, Entertaining and Condiments. The whole book is well thought out, and you can see that a lot of work was put into this book, into the recipes, writing and the pictures. The whole book tells Adam and Ryan’s romantic story, and adorable pictures of them throughout and guess what ? They included their adorable cat Sylvia too!! J That is the cutest!!! I have 2 cats of my own, and a complete cat person so I can totally relate! There are so many recipes that I want to try such as the Vegan Banh Mi Sandwich with the Crispy Tofu, the Cornbread which looks mind blowingly delicious, Sweet and Salty Cake(I LOVE THAT!), Everything Pretzels, and many more! I love that the vegetable bouillon can be frozen and used as cubes whenever required for soups! Such a clever idea! All in all a very well versed book, with amazing recipes that are doable, fun and delicious, lovely pictures and soulful! The book speaks to you and you get to know Adam and Ryan better in the process! So you must get the book, and it is available here at Amazon!

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So I made the Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Pull-Apart Bread. The recipe calls for parmesan and gruyere cheese, and I am a fan of both these cheeses. This cheese, along with the spinach and the sour artichokes works out so well together! The browning on the top of all that gorgeous cheese makes the perfect crust on the bread. I made this on a Friday, along with the Mango Margaritas with a Chilli-Lime Rim and it works well together as a great evening snack! We had the bread, with warmed up marinara sauce, and it is DEE-LICIOUS ! My kids and Raj LOVED the bread and cheers to that yummy margarita on a Friday night! CHEERS! I made aqua fresca for my kids with the mangoes! 🙂 They cannot be left out right?! The recipe was pretty easy to follow, and to the point in the directions. With their consent, I am sharing the recipe below in this blog post.

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For the Mango Margarita with the Chilli-Lime Rim you will have to buy the book ;).

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I hope you get a chance to make this amazing bread, and buy the book as well, because you will NOT be disappointed! Great job Adam and Ryan! Again HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS on your fabulous book, and Cheers to much success to you for the future! I hope we get to meet again! 🙂




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