Kumquat Ice Cream and Candied Kumquats and Cashew-Sunflower Seed-Ginger Praline

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My obsession with kumquat continues. This fruit is so tiny but packed with so much flavor! My kumquat plant has tiny buds on it, and I finally see tiny orange buds on it. I wonder if it will bear fruit this year. If it does, I am going to squeal like a 5 year old! Lol. Little things that excite me! So I made the candied kumquats, and in my mind, I was thinking that kumquat ice cream would be absolutely delicious!

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I added pureed kumquats to the ice cream  base. And I feel some ice cream require the crunch factor. Cashew-sunflower seed and ginger praline sounded just right with this ice cream. So I made a simple praline using my praline recipe, and substituting the ingredients for half cashew and half sunflower seeds, and added a dash of ground ginger, for an ounce of warmth. The praline was broken down into pieces and added into the ice cream base after churning and before putting into the baking tray to set in the freezer. The praline addition was absolutely mind blowing, in contrast with the kumquat ice cream and candied kumquats in the ice cream.

IMG 3633

I was very happy with the whole combination! The color was so pretty too, that slight yellow orange hue, so perfectly spring like and happy and bright! With summer coming, I can think of a million ice creams to make! For now, I will think of more spring like recipes J.

IMG 3648

Hope you are experiencing more sunshine now in wherever part of the world you are in. We started seeing more sunshine this week, and less rain which is great. Rain is fantastic for the bay area, but I think most of us were getting a bit tired of it. Loving all the wild flowers springing everywhere – a sight to breath in and take in.

Much love to you all.



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