Spring Cake Pops

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Spring is almost here! Cherry blossoms are popping up on all the trees, and it makes for such a pretty sight! That ethereal pink is gorgeous! The hills around us are a lush green, and on sunny days it makes for a very pretty scenery. The kids have been wanting to make cake pops for a while, I had gotten the supplies as in candy melts, lollipop sticks, mini bags, ties etc, since a few weeks. We finally got around to making them. I used a vanilla cinnamon sponge cake base recipe and a raspberry buttercream, because … raspberries! I added raspberry powder to the buttercream and the it elevates the flavor profile! It is tart and sweet and absolutely delicious!

IMG 3461

Making cake pops is a fun activity with kids! My kids had a great time crumbling the cake, because MESS! And which kid does not like making a mess!? Then mix the buttercream with the cake in the stand mixer so that it blends well. The kids loved scooping out the balls and making them round between the palms. This step is important, because you want to ensure that the cake ball does not break apart, and is “glued” together. They are set in the freezer for a few minutes which is an important step, so that they can be put in the candy melt mixture with ease, once the lollipop stick is inserted into the cake pop.

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We had a lot of fun using different pastel colored candy melts, to create a spring vibe. I made royal icing, to pipe some bees, which are not perfect but I adore them! We used Wilton flowers from Michael’s to put on the cake pop, it is glued on with the royal icing. The favorite part was coating the cake pops with different sprinkles! They had a blast :). I can be fun sometimes! LOL.

IMG 3511

We later packaged them individually into mini plastic bags, with ties, so that they could share with their close friends at school. Fun little rainy day activity in February. You can switch up the buttercream flavor to whatever you want. Fruit powders which are readily available on Amazon now a days, are a great way to flavor the buttercream and create a vibrance in the cake pop.

Make these with your kids and have some fun! J Or just make them for yourself and your loved ones! My husband LOVED these cake pops, and it was a fun treat for him too!

Happy Almost Spring!



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