Chocolate Macarons with Dried Fig and Rose Jam Buttercream

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Valentine’s Day is in two days and there is a ton of inspiration flying everywhere on social media! I am loving all the red/pink/purple in my feed lately! Although I am a firm believer that love should be celebrated every day, it is really nice to be able to express to your loved ones, how much you mean to them, because we often tend to forget to do so, with how busy we are in our daily lives.

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When I was approached by Valley Fig Growers to work on a Valentine’s Day recipe with their Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Dried Mission Figlets, I was really excited! I have always been a fan of Valley Fig Grower products, and to be asked to make a recipe with their product, got me very happy! Valley Fig Growers was established in 1959 and is the largest handler of figs in North America. They are located in Fresno, CA. All of the commercially sold dried figs produced in the United States, are grown in Fresno area and in the north, in the fertile San Joaquin Valley.

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I love making macarons, and love how many different flavor combinations can be made with this tiny confection! They are not as an easy task, but once mastered, they are super fun and addictive to make. They are also sophisticated and make for a cute dessert for Valentine’s Day! They are fun to share with your loved ones. They are also fantastic as a dessert with a cuppa espresso or dessert wine to sip on with your loved one! Chocolate and Figs make an awesome combination, so I decided to make chocolate macarons with a Fig and Rose Jam Buttercream center filling. The entire combination was absolutely delicious and these macarons were a huge hit with my family!

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For the Fig and Rose Jam, I used the Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Dried Mission Figlets (or you can use Sun-Maid Mission Figs), along with sugar, water, a sprinkle of clove and star anise, and a bit of lemon juice in the mixture. It is cooked for about 8-10 minutes, and then as the jam cools, I add in rose water for a floral touch. The jam can be refrigerated and kept for up to a month.

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For the macarons, I used Dutch cocoa powder in the almond and sugar mixture that gives it a beautiful chocolatey taste. For the buttercream, I use the fig and rose jam to make the buttercream, along with additional rose water. The macaron shells are piped with the buttercream and sandwiched with another macaron shell. The entire combination works so well together and it is delicious!

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For the decoration, I used a combination of pink and fuchsia Americolor to create a beautiful magenta, and used an angular brush for a brush stroke across the macaron shell. I used royal icing to pipe the hearts, as well as the Love written on the shell. It makes for a cute as well as classy presentation! Aren’t they adorable?! My family loved the flavor profile, and were addicted to the macarons and could not keep their hands off them!

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Valentine ’s Day can be cheesy, but it is up to us to get the right meaning out of it and express our love to our loved ones, that may not happen very often otherwise. We forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. So this Valentine’s Day make these macarons and express your love to your loved ones with a sweet touch! 🙂

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Much LOVE!



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