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My favorite part about eating in a restaurant has to be the final course, the dessert! I am always intrigued by dessert menus at fine dining restaurants. Pastry chefs in fine dining restaurants are so creative, and I love to see how different elements may pair well, and come together on a plate. If I had to do this all over again, I know I would love to be a pastry chef and let my creativity take its own path.

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I know I am no pastry chef, but I love to play with flavor combinations. I love french pastries and I really wish I could make pastries the way they do! I wish I can fulfill my dream of going to pastry school one day, even if it means I have to wait for my kids to go to college to do so! I always take the example of Julia Child, that she started cooking at the age of 50 and nothing stopped her. Age is just a number after all.

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I am loving blood oranges right now. If you have been following me, you know my love for blood oranges and how I try to incorporate it in desserts in various forms. Their pretty magenta color is so gorgeous and inviting. The zest is so fragrant and flavorful. It adds freshness to any dessert.

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I decided to make blood orange 3 ways: 1) Candied Blood Oranges 2) Blood Orange, Hibiscus, Black Pepper Sherbet 3) Blood Orange and Raspberry Financiers. And bring it all together on a plate. I have made candied blood oranges previously, and they are fantastic! I love eating them as is! They are so delicious! Blood Orange, Hibiscus, and Black Pepper Sherbet is sooo delicious and easy to make as well. You basically combine all the ingredients, chill it in the fridge, and then make it in the ice cream maker, and that’s it! The Financiers are simple too, and such delicious little treats!

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I made raspberry meringues and raspberry coulis to get the plating all together. I could have made blood orange macarons, with a blood orange and rosemary jam buttercream in the middle(that I had made 3 years ago!), but that would take much longer. The elements on this plate are simple to make and put together as well.

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Financiers are little cakes, made with melted butter, more nut flour than regular flour, and 2 types of sugar, giving a slight crust to the top, and topped with seasonal fruits. In this case, I put blood orange zest in the mixture, and topped it with candied blood orange and raspberries.

The plating came together beautifully. My kids wanted to decorate their own little plates so they did so too and they had so much fun! And ofcourse they ate it once they had plated it! Reaping their efforts ! 🙂

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This dessert would be so pretty to serve as a Valentine’s Day dessert as well, or make the financiers by itself for Valentine’s day! They come out so delicious!

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