Day 12: Almond Linzer Cookies

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Day 12 of my 12 days of Christmas cookies/treats! It is the final day, and I will end with one of my favorite cookies of all time. I have always loved biscuits with jam in the center. My first experience with jammy biscuits were the quintessential jammy dodgers, that are famous in England. They have a sugary crust on the top,where sugar is put on top of the biscuit, once it is baked, and then baked for another few minutes to get a crunchy top. I can eat half a packet of those jammy dodgers cause they are so good! Linzer cookies hail from Austria, and are jam biscuits too, where jam is slapped between 2 cookies. The top is coated with powdered sugar and it looks so pretty!

IMG 2867

I make linzers every year, 1) because they are so easy 2) because they are super delicious 3) because I love these biscuits with the variety of jams that I make during the summer! I have tried the linzers with hazelnut flour(I grind up hazelnuts), and almond flour. I love the taste and texture that almond flour imparts to baked goods, and I do use almond flour quite a bit in my bakes.These cookies are super easy, and so fun to make with kids as they love to put the little indentations in the middle, and also layer the jam in the middle of the cookie. My kids like to sprinkle the “snow” or powdered sugar on the top of the cookie as well! These cookies are fun to serve at holiday parties as well.

I flavored the dough with cinnamon, star anise and orange zest, but you can make the dough without these ingredients as well.

IMG 2874

I hope you have enjoyed all the 12 days of fun treats, to make for your loved ones, friends and family, Or simply for yourself, OR to make cute cookie boxes to gift as well OR for your holiday parties OR for cookie exchange parties! This was a lot of fun to share with you all, and I should start thinking about next year now 🙂

IMG 2875

I have a final post coming up tomorrow, on how to put together a cookie box, with huge inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers like Erin at Cloudy Kitchen and Fanny at Oh Sweet Day,and the legend Martha Stewart, who started the whole cookie box trend! I will give some tips that I learnt along the way, on this blog post tomorrow. So excited to share with you!



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