Day 11: Fruit Cake Shortbread

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Day 11 of my 12 days of Christmas Cookies/Treats! This has been absolutely fun and festive, to share all my creations with you! It has been a complete BLAST and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did sharing it with YOU! 🙂

Fruit Cake is a big part of my family. My grandma, mom and aunts had been making fruit cake for many many years. My grandma and aunts live in the UK, where fruit cake is a huge part of their culture. They make an eggless version, with a ton of fruit, and it absolutely delicious! The color of the fruit cake is also very pretty! They make it just not for Christmas. It is a regular affair in their homes and they have fruit cake on the table practically every week! They put candied orange peel in their fruit cake, which I simply love! Mom would make fruit cake for us as well growing up, and we all loved it! It was very much rave worthy! Super moist and delicious! She would use brandy to plump up the dried fruit before putting it in the cake batter. She would make it during Diwali actually, along with the Indian goodies.Everyone loved her fruit cake!

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Hence I love making fruit cake too! I make it every year. I have modified my family recipe and used almond flour in it. I love the texture and taste almond flour gives to any baked goods. I use rum extract, almond extract and vanilla extract in my cake. It is really flavorful and loved my all my friends and family! This year, I decided to make fruit cake shortbread cookies! I marinate the dried fruit in brandy. You can use any kind of 1 cup of dried fruit that you fancy. I wanted to put candied orange peel but I did not have it at the time I made the cookie, so I added orange zest instead to flavor it. The shortbread has flour, butter, sugar and salt in it. The fruit marinates for about 4 hours up to 8 hours, and is put into the shortbread dough, along with rum extract and vanilla extract. I add slivered almonds as well for a slight crunch factor. These cookie are slice and bake cookies, so you simply roll it up into a log and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours.  You can even freeze the dough, and bake it later. This is a flexible cookie, and that is what I love about slice and bake cookies.

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I roll the cookie in red sanding sugar to give it a wow factor! They look so pretty like little jewels once they are baked! The smells in the kitchen from the oven with all of the fruit, orange zest, butter, and sugar is DIVINE! These cookie are highly addictive! I kid you not! I will be making these cookies more often and not just for the month of December!

Hope you get a chance to make this cookie! XO



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