Day 6: Chocolate-Chai Masala Thumbprints with Eggnog Buttercream

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Day 6 of my 12 days of Christmas cookies/treats! I cannot believe I am half way through with today’s post! Putting all these recipes together, along with the photos and the blog posts was a humungous task that I took on, to share some of my favorite treats with you all, but I had a lot of fun with it, and I loved sharing them with some of you and I am so happy you enjoyed the treats! My kids are having a blast with different cookies in their lunch boxes everyday ;), and their friends are definitely envious! Especially with today’s cookie which I really enjoyed creating and the flavors really work so well together.

IMG 2878

I grew up having masala chai every single day of my life, since I was probably in 6th grade! I was not a fan of drinking milk in the morning, and masala chai was so flavorful and would wake me up instantly. The authentic masala chai, contains black tea from Assam, chai masala, which is a blend of ground ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and black pepper. The chai masala is very versatile and makes amazing desserts. I wanted one of the cookies from my 12 day bonanza to have an Indian touch to it, so I made Chocolate-Chai Masala Thumbprints with an Eggnog Buttercream.

IMG 2883

I have made chocolate thumbprints with a chocolate ganache and sea salt many a times and they are very popular in my home. I gave these thumbprints a riff by using chai masala in the chocolate, and rolling it in red sanding sugar, giving it a very festive look! The thumbprint by itself is absolutely delicious! The filling is eggnog buttercream with a dash of rum and nutmeg in the buttercream, which complements perfectly with the chocolate-chai masala cookie! I had to add a touch of gold to the top of the cookie for a luxurious finish! These cookies would be perfect for a small plates party. They come together quickly, and each batch makes a lot of cookies!

IMG 2897

My kids could not stop having these cookies. A tip to make the indentation in the cookie : use the back of a honey dripper, cause it has the perfect shape to form the indentation without breaking the cookie much. If the cookie breaks apart, gently pinch it together with your fingers. If you want to put a decorative touch with the gold leaf, you can find the gold leaves, that I purchased from Amazon, right here.IMG 2903

Anything with buttercream needs to be stored in the fridge, and cannot be kept out for over a day. To eat them, I simply remove them about half an hour earlier so they get a softer texture when you bite into it. I love how festive these cookies are, and great to take to a party. Hope you get a chance to make them and wow your guests! 🙂

Day 7 is a cookie from a blogger that I admire so much and has just released a cookbook that I love!



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