Chocolate Earl Grey Tangelo Mascarpone Tart

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One of my all-time favorite tarts that I love to make is a nut caramel tart with a chocolate ganache layer on the top. It is seriously the best dessert ever, and you simply need a thin sliver to satisfy your cravings. A little bit goes a long way with the nut caramel tart. I had taken a Pie and Tart class about 3-4 years ago from a famous Pastry School in San Francisco called Tante Marie, which unfortunuately closed down 🙁 . It was an excellent class and we learnt to make a lot of different kinds of pies and tarts, basic techniques, basic crust recipes, pate sucre etc. This is where I learnt to make the chocolate nut caramel tart.

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Couple of weeks ago, I saw Tangelos at the Farmer’s Market. Tangelos are a combination of pomelo and tangerines. They are very sweet, slight tart from the pomelo, very juicy and very delicious! The skin is thin and you can even eat the skin! I actually tried it and I loved the skin by itself. I can only imagine how delicious it would taste if the skin was candied! It would be a perfect addition to any cake! Seeing those tangelos, I really wanted to make a chocolate orange tart! Chocolate and orange is such a classic combination and chocolate and earl grey is also such a classic combination. Few months ago, I bought a loose leaf tea which had earl grey and dried citrus bits in it, that I simply loved sipping on. I had that combination in mind, and using all of these flavors, I brought them into my Chocolate Earl Grey Tangelo Mascarpone Tart.

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The crust recipe is adapted from the class that I took. I added dark cocoa powder to it, to give it that beautiful dark chocolatey color! The filling is a luxurious mascarpone cream filling with a lot of tangelo zest and tangelo juice. The tart shell is par baked first to set it. Then it is filled with the mascarpone filling and then baked till goldenish in color and set. Once cooled, it is covered with a chocolate earl grey ganache and left in the fridge to set for a few hours. Then it is upto your whim and fancy how you want to decorate it! I simply piped the leftover whipped ganache on the top and put chocolate pearls to decorate it. You could use some gold leaf if you want to make it more fancy.

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I believe any citrus would be great in this tart. I am going gaga over those tangelos, so that is what I used in this tart. This dessert would be a fantastic any time of the year dessert, since citrus is available any time of the year, except for the special varieties ofcourse. It would be a great center piece dessert for a party too.

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You have to take the fork through the tart to get a complete bite, to experience all the flavors in one go J. It is seriously divine! The funniest part was how my son was eating the tart! He would take the ganache layer apart. He would then lap up the filling first. Then he would cover the crust with the ganache top, and then eat it like a pizza! It was a sight to remember! I actually have a picture of the deconstructed tart and it is pretty funny! J Moments like these are meant to cherish and what makes making treats for my family so fun!

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Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful spring weather wherever you are! It is Birthday Month for my husband and I so we are literally basking and enjoying this month! Funnily enough we are both Taurus, and butt heads all the time, but I could not imagine living my life with any other partner ever! We are so alike yet so different, but we cherish each other and that makes it all worth it! So Happy Birthday Month to us! 🙂

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