Rose-Raspberry Lemon Curd Tart with Pink Meringues

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I  always wonder when there are days for people who we should be celebrating and appreciating every day, like Mother’s day and Father’s day.  But then on the other hand, it is not every day that a mother or a father is treated special by their family, isn’t it ?  Mothers work tirelessly to provide for their family’s needs – making food, preparing snacks, driving them around for classes, making the beds, doing laundry, keeping the house clean, not to mention paying bills, taking care of finances sometimes, sorting out vacations, shopping for the kids clothes, school supplies, and the list goes on and on! There are always a never ending list of chores, and it is nice to give that lovely hardworking woman a break from the reality and pamper her a bit! 😉

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My mom did all of the above and went above and beyond for us! She was our protector, our life line, our savior, our bear(cause we loved to hug her and kiss her) and much more! I was a rebellious teenager and I troubled her a lot, and I feel bad thinking about all the times I really troubled her! But that was our relationship, our bond, our love! My mom loved flowers, all kinds but her favorite flowers were lilies, roses and bougainvilleas. She loved the color of the bougainvilleas – the bright neon pink and she had planted it in our home in Bombay as well. Every time I see those pretty flowers, it reminds me of her and her sweet smile.

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I know mom would have loved the Rose-Raspberry Lemon Curd Tart, with the berries and the meringue kisses that I made as a recipe for Mother’s Day. She loved the rose flavor a lot, especially in Faloodas which is an Indian dessert that is made with milk, vanilla ice cream, rose syrup, basil seeds, vermicelli, pistachios, almonds. I made this dessert keeping her in my thoughts and including her favorite flavors like rose and all the berries.

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Meringues can be made a couple of days ahead in time. They are super easy to make! You need equal parts egg whites and granulated sugar, a pinch of cream of tartar to get the stiff peaks of the meringue, and food color if you wish! You bake them in the oven for 40 minutes or so, and then let it cool in the oven(turning the oven off), with the door open. This process helps to dry the meringues completely. You can choose to use food coloring or not. I used pink fairy dust on the pink meringues cause it was so pretty!

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For the Rose-Raspberry Lemon Curd,  a raspberry puree is made with fresh raspberries, and strained  to remove the seeds. While making lemon curd I add in the raspberry puree. Once the Raspberry curd is made, I add in rose extract for the intense rose flavor. Rose water would water down the curd which is not what you want. You can purchase the rose extract from Amazon here. You can choose to omit the rose extract to make a raspberry lemon curd tart. Rose extract is slightly expensive but I love the fragrance! I let the curd cool down in the fridge and prepare my tart shell in the meanwhile. The tart dough is very simple and I make it using spelt flour and ground pistachios. You could make it simply with all purpose flour if you would like. Once the tart dough is put into a 9 inch round pan, let it set in the fridge for 15 minutes. Once set, blind bake(bake with pie weights) it in the oven for 15 minutes and without the pie weights for another 15 minutes and your tart shell is ready! Let it cool.


The curd is placed in the tart, smoothened out and then baked in the oven for about 30 minutes, until the tart is cooled. Then it is best to cool it in the fridge, such that it can be cut into proper slices! I loved decorating it with all the different berries, pink meringues that were homemade as well with a sprinkle of fairy dust and pink pearls to give it that elegant look !

I actually froze the tart for 15-20 minutes after it was decorated, and once I sliced it, each bite was cold and so perfect, like an explosion of bright, fresh, summer flavors in my mouth! It turned out so delicious! My family loved the tart and actually asked me to make it for their birthday instead of cake! J I know that is not happening but it was so cute to hear them say so!


Go treat that special woman in your life with all the special feels – she deserves it, and much more! I hope you get a chance to make this tart for your mother. It is such a special treat for that special lady in your life!

If you do make it, please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave me a comment on the below blog post! I would love to hear how you liked it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!

Much love!



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