Plum and Fennel Sparkling Lemonade

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It was a super hot weekend a couple of weeks ago, extremely unbearable, actually it was the highest temperature from the entire summer as well! The weather called for fresh homemade lemonade! We have a lemon tree in the backyard that we planted three years ago. It started bearing fruit just about a year ago, and in abundance! This summer has been crazy with the amount of lemons that we have had in the backyard. I must have made lemonade so many times!

Plum and Fennel Lemonade Spritzer 1 scaled



Plum and Fennel Lemonade Spritzer 4 scaled


Plums are still in season in the Bay Area! Yaya! I love the color of plums, the deep purple hue inside, and then the sweet and tart flavors along with the juiceiness make this fruit super delicious! I made a Plum and Fennel Sparkling Lemonade with fresh plums from the farmers market, lemons from the backyard and a fennel simple syrup in this mix, along with seltzer water or soda water for the fizz!


Plum and Fennel Lemonade Spritzer 2 scaled


Why did I use fennel seeds in lemonade? Growing up in Mumbai, my mom would make fennel seed water for us in the hot months of the year to cool us down. She would make fresh fennel sugar water everyday, and give it to us(my brother and I), when we could get back from school.  Fennel seeds have a lot of medicine properties. Few of the properties are: 1) reduces the heat in the body, and helps to cool down in the hot weather 2) reduces flatulence and indigestion 3) used as a massage oil for joint pains. You can read more about the benefits of fennel seeds here . Plum and fennel seeds is a fantastic combination. It will definitely be one of my jam combinations for next year.

Plum and Fennel Lemonade Spritzer 3 scaled



I made a simple syrup with the fennel seeds in the syrup and let it sit for half hour, to cool down. Then simply combine all the ingredients of the strained plum puree, lemon juice, fennel simple syrup, water, ice and a bottle of soda water, and your delicious fizzy lemonade is ready! You have to try this! It is seriously delicious! The flavor combination works so well. My kids and the other half loved this lemonade and it got over within no time! Go makes yours soon before the plum season is over! 🙂


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