Pluot and Lavender Hazelnut Cake

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I love tea cakes, especially ones made with fruit. They are light, not dense, super flavorful, and a small piece goes a long way, accompanied with a good cuppa tea or espresso! I make tea cakes quite often, and I love using different fruits and herbs/spices to flavor them up, giving it the extra oomph!

My latest obsession is with dark rye flour, and I have been using it a lot in baking off late and I am loving the texture it imparts to the baked good. I first used it when I made cookies from Rebecca’s blog, and if you want excellent cookie recipes, check out her blog! Her cookies DO NOT disappoint and you will be suprised how quickly they will be gone, within no time! Anyways, so I used dark rye flour in this recipe, along with hazelnut flour(that I made using ground hazelnuts).



Also, NOTE : I used a 6 inch cake pan to make this cake, but I would advise to use an 8 inch cake pan, so that the cake is a little thinner.

I used the Pluot and Lavender Jam, that I make with organic pluots from the farmer’s market, and culinary lavender in this cake, along with Meso Nutso Lavender Extract! Evangeline, the owner of Meso Nutso is a lovely person, and makes the most wonderful extracts! I have tried her lavender, raspberry and walnut extract and they just give a wonderful flavor to the baked product!



It is a very simple recipe, and if you do make it, please do not forget to tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or leave a comment in the below post! Enjoy this recipe!





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