Bourbon Maple Pecan Cereal Honey Ice Cream Float for Father’s Day!

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The most thrilling, loving, etched-in-the-memory moment, when my father had me and my brother in his arms for the first time. The most thrilling, loving, etched-in-the-memory moment, when my husband had his daughter and son in his arms for the first time! Every day is Father’s Day in my eyes, fathers are so special, they are the calm in the storm, the logical human being(most of the times!) in the family, the parent that explains things calmly and in a very soft manner to the kids, the parent who will ease up situations by making a joke, and show the kids, how to look at things in perspective and the list goes on. But it is also lovely to have a special day to celebrate all the fathers and pamper them a bit, fathers who give in their all in a family. 




I am lucky this year to have my own father at home, who came all the way from India to spend time with us, and the grandkids. He has always been a guiding light, very reasonable, logical, calm, coolest dad ever, never ever screamed/scolded at me as a child(maybe I was a good kid! 😉 ), easy going, always has a smile on his face no matter the situation, always looking for solutions to problems, never complains  – gosh I have learnt a lot from him! He taught me Math, when I sucked at it, and I was able to get A+ in Math in my last year of school cause of his constant teaching. He taught me driving, and although I banged his car numerous times, never did I hear a scream from him ever. He taught me to never give up no matter the situation, always look for solutions to problems and taught me to be a strong person. I am lucky to have him as my father!





My husband – he is reasonable, logical, sometimes too logical ;), calm, coolest dad ever, can explain things to the kids, when I lose my cool, such a kind person, loves animals, so creative, and hence the kids have an awesome creative streak in them, never complains, always looking at things from a bigger picture, fun, always joking and making us laugh – we have learnt a lot from him! We are so lucky to have him! 



I am going to be making each of their favorite things this Sunday to celebrate Father’s day! French toast for my husband and kids and a traditional dish called poha for breakfast for my father. Cocktails with bourbon are a must! and dinner will be a traditional dish for my father called handvo, which is super delicious, made with lentils, rice and loads of veggies in it!



My husband loves bourbon, and anything with bourbon in it! I had made this ice cream for him a few weeks ago, which he devoured! The ice cream base is a honey ice cream, and I added Trader Joes, Maple Pecan Cluster Cereal to it, along with good Bourbon! Super delicious! 


What the next best thing in a dessert that a dad likes? An ice cream float! and what can make it better? If it is a Bourbon Maple Pecan Cereal Honey Ice Cream Float! YES! A perfect dessert for a perfect DAD! Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely fathers out there! You are as much appreciated as a mother is! 🙂


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