Summer Berry Hibiscus-Rose Sorbet

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I love all the summer fruit as you all already must know from my posts regarding stone fruit and summer berries! 🙂 I am going crazy with all the fruit in the market. I lose a lot of money after coming back from the farmers market ! 🙁  It is the prefect jamming season, and the gorgeous, sweet fruit can be used in so many different ways to make tarts, pies, crumbles, cookies, cobblers, ice creams, drinks and sorbets and the list goes on.


I love sorbets, it is all pure fruit, sweetened with sugar, and are so light, refreshing, and soothing on the palate. They are so easy to make as well. The sorbet base does not take time at all, once chilled in the fridge it takes 15-20 minutes in the ice cream machine. My kids love sorbet, and ever since I bought the ice cream maker, I have been on a roll making ice creams/sorbets from scratch which is just so much fun.


I simply love the flavor of hibiscus and rose flowers. I grew up in India with hibiscus growing all around me, but never knew that they were edible too! Now I love the tea so much, and has become a routine in my home. Berries and flowers work so well together, hence I decided to make this Summer Berry Hibiscus-Rose Sorbet! Its fruity, floral, sweet, tangy, refreshing, light, clean, perfect for any time of the day! Hope you enjoy this recipe.


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