Pink Lady Ice Cream

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It is May end and Strawberries are everywhere! ‘Tis the season of strawberries, for milkshakes, jam, pies, tarts, shortcake, cocktails, ice cream and the list goes on…. Countless ways to use this luscious, sweet, red fruit! We go strawberry picking every year, and we hope to go soon in the month of June! The kids love to go strawberry picking, and so many are eaten in the process of picking! We took them for the first time when my son was 2 and my daughter was 4, and the sheer joy on their faces was bliss! and the strawberry juice all around their mouth – utter cuteness! 🙂


I have been making a Strawberry and Rose Petal Jam every year, and I simply love the flavor combination, the floral fragrance of the rose, through the strawberry jam is heaven! I have used it to make linzer cookies that turns out delicious! The combination of Strawberry and Rose is simply divine! 🙂


I have been wanting to incorporate pink peppercorns in my jam, and I wanted to experiment with the strawberry flavor first, so Ice cream seemed a good way to incorporate it! I infuse the strawberry compote with the pink peppercorns and pink himalayan salt giving it that spicy and every so slightly salty taste that gets swirled into the ice cream and creates this amazing flavor and texture!





The name Pink Lady for this ice cream signifies the essence of a woman, who is spicy, salty, sweet, feminine and floral, based on the ingredients of this ice cream! 😉 A woman is any of these emotions, fiery and outspoken at times, with smart answers, and on the other hand, she is sweet, kind, compassionate, loving, beautiful, caring all in one!


My husband who likes “normal” flavors and will not like anything rose or peppercorny, wanted to taste the ice cream, and he could not stop raving about it! That made me so happy! 


It is a beautiful, unique, summery, ice cream and that gorgeous pink color is so charming! Here is to summer and more ice creams! 🙂


If you do try this recipe, please tag #thejamlab on Instagram and/or put a comment in the Comments section below. I would love to hear how you liked the recipe!





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