Mini Stone Fruit Pies

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Yayayay! It is finally stone fruit season after several months of wait! I simply love all the stone fruits and cannot get enough of these gorgeous fruits! The color, the natural sweetness, the juiciness and all the gorgeous summer desserts that I can delve in, drives me absolutely bananas! And the beautiful jams that I can make with these stone fruits – gets me super excited! I almost feel like a kid in a candy store when I go to the farmer’s market, to get my share of stone fruits every week.


I simply love making pies! I love the crust and how flaky it can be with all that butter in it. I love the natural fruit juices that come through in the pie filling. I love how we can enhance the flavor of the fruit by adding herbs or spices. I love how little sugar it requires for the pie filling cause the fruit is so sweet! What’s not to like about a pie! And Pie Ala Mode! Now that is taking it one step further with the creaminess of the ice cream hitting the juiciness of the fruit along with the flaky crust! It is the perfect summer dessert, along with its cousin the Galette!


There is so much pie crust inspiration out there on FeedFeed, feed edited by Judy Kim of, who has the most beautiful pie crust decorations ever! My recent inspirations have been Kayley of and Jo Harrington who have such wonderful creations!


I had these 4 inch mini pans that I had bought from Amazon, comes in a set of 4. I decided to showcase 4 different flavors of pies with 4 different stone fruits – apricots, peaches, nectarines and cherries.


The crust has been adapted from the Pie Book – Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I used part spelt flour to make the pie crust and the result was definitely wonderful! I was quite happy with how rustic the pie crust turned out. For the pie filling, I flavored with black pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg powder, and then added a different additional ingredient to each individual pie.


The different combinations of the pies are:

  • Apricot and Fresh Ginger
  • Yellow Peaches and Spanish Saffron
  • Yellow Nectarines and fresh Sage
  • Cherries and Balsamic Glaze


I love these individual pie portions and I had so much fun making them! If you do use the recipe to make pies, I would love to see your creation and it would be great if you could tag them with #thejamlab on Instagram, and/or put a comment in this blog post.


Enjoy the recipe!






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