Rainbow Falafel Salad

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  IMG_4444I love a good Israeli meal with falafels, hummus, tabbouleh, and a good salad to accompany it all, along with some warm pita bread! One of the best falafel sandwiches that I have ever eaten were in Amsterdam, and Jerusalem. The falafels were crunchy, absolutely authentic and super delicious and the hummus was so flavorful and creamy, I could not get enough! Along with some Turkish coffee this was one delicious meal!


I have made falafels many a times, but never did they turn out this good, as last weekend! I think I finally nailed the recipe! I used fresh chickpeas, soaked them overnight, patted them dry before grinding it in the food processor with a bunch of other ingredients to add flavor to the falafel mixture. DO NOT USE canned chickpeas, cause you will NEVER get the texture of the balls with the crunch that it should have.


I wanted a light meal for lunch, so I made a falafel salad with a lot of rainbow vegetables, like purple cabbage(one of my favorite vegetables), red onions, cucumber slices, radish slices, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and roasted golden beets, along with some feta, cooked quinoa and arugula salad. I made a dressing with Jam Lab’s Apricot and Rosemary Jam, lemon juice, olive oil, s&p. You could even use a lemony-tahini dressing to dress up the beautiful salad. I will provide both the dressing recipes below.


I could eat this salad all day everyday, it has so much color, texture and different tastes, and so healthy and light for you! After all, we should try and eat the rainbow in all our meals! 🙂 

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