Berry Macarons with Hibiscus Tea Buttercream

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Ever since I discovered hibiscus tea, I have been in love with this extremely flavorful beverage and ofcourse it’s color! As a kid, growing up in India, we were surrounded by Hibiscus flowers all the time, in our garden and all in different colors. It is a tropical flower and actually the national flower of Hawaii! Did you know that the flowers of the hibiscus have been used as a hot or cold beverage in many countries ? This plant is so versatile in its usage as a food product! Quite amazing isn’t it? I had no idea that hibiscus flowers can be brewed as tea until a couple of years ago.


Being so intrigued by it’s flavor, and my crazy obsession with making different macaron flavors, I decided to make a Berry macaron with a Hibiscus Buttercream this Friday night. There is something about baking at night, once my kids are in bed, and I have the kitchen all to myself, and I can peacefully bake, without any interference or interruptions. Baking is extremely therapeutic for me, and I get transported into a different world. My zen moment!


In my mind, I knew the berry-hibiscus flavor combination would work, but I had to try it out. I used freeze dried raspberries and blueberries, that I got from Trader Joe’s. I ground a little bit of it into a powder to add flavor to the macaron shell. I had to use a little bit of color to impart that beautiful deep lilac to the shell.


I brewed Hibiscus tea, using a single tea bag in a small quantity of water, to make it concentrated and used the tea for the buttercream! The gorgeous pink is purely from the tea, no color added! Such a beautiful pink it is!


When making macarons there are important things to remember, which I will put in the Recipe Notes at the bottom. Macaron making is not difficult, but each step needs to be followed meticulously, else it can be quite easy to mess it up.


The macaron turned out to be absolutely yummy, floral and berrilicious! Cannot get over how delicious it was! I shared it with my friends, and they enjoyed them a lot!


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