Yellow Peach and Mint Margarita

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I love making fruity cocktails, especially jam cocktails! It is so fun to come up with a concoction, with the jams that I create, due to the herbs and spices that I use in the cocktails, imparting it the extra flavor and zing.



Peaches are not yet in season, and what better way to get peaches in your cocktail than using Yellow Peach and Mint Jam! Recently, my lovely friend Nydia from The Spanish Tin and I did a giveaway, with her spices and my jams and we were quite happy with the response! Nydia was giving away one of her Salud Spicy Cocktail Salts which has deep notes of nora chiles and sea salt, that I simply love! I came up with a recipe using her cocktail salt and my jam and which is the Yellow Peach and Mint Margarita! The yellow peach and mint jam is such a lovely bright orange color, and it imparts that beautifully peachy hue to the margarita!


The fruity, fresh and tangy margarita along with the spicy salt is the perfect punch for a Friday night cocktail!


I have penned down the recipe and is a must try! You will surely go for seconds! 🙂


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