Lemon Poppyseed Berry Muffins

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This is my first blog post, and I am so thrilled and excited to announce the birth of my blog! It has been on my to-do list like million other things since more than a year, and finally I got myself to do some research and get my blog going. So far I have been posting recipes on my Facebook :: Jam Lab account, and I will be slowly moving them to my blog.

Funnily enough, I had started out with a blog in 2007, that I used to maintain as a diary for all my recipes. It is still there, and I am not going to reveal what it is called, cause it is pretty bad! haha 😉 I was always lazy to update it until now that I finally got myself motivated to get a new blog going.


So the first recipe that I am posting has to be a Jam related post ! 🙂 Spring is in the air, and my lemon tree has been flowering like crazy, and bearing a lot of fruit as well. There are probably a 100 lemons on my tree, though not all of them are ripe. But the lemons are extremely juicy and sour and delicious! So I decided to make Lemon Poppyseed Muffins with a swirl of my Mixed Berry and Vanilla Bean Jam in the batter, and each muffin has a tiny scoop of surprise in the middle – Lemon Curd! I used Traci’s (vanillaandbean.com) recipe which is spot on super delicious, creamy and tangy! I could simply eat it  by the spoonful! I topped it off with some sliced almonds, and a blackberry for good measure!


It is the perfect spring recipe, one that you must make!



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